As we near Super Bowl LV many are looking forward to betting on it. We are expecting to see a record in sports betting history this weekend since betting is now legal in half of America

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites like DraftKings (DK) and FanDuel (FD) will see the most users in a single day, more than they have ever seen before. Many fans will be looking to end their DFS season on a good note.

With only two squads remaining,  DFS users are going to be looking to create the best possible team for the right price. Both DraftKings and FanDuel will both be featuring single-game formats instead of the nine-spot lineups.

Best DFS Lineup for Super Bowl LV: DraftKings Showdown Mode and FanDuel Multiplier

On DraftKings, users will compete in “showdown” mode which features five utility spots and one spot for the captain. The captain will receive a 1.5x multiplier for all DK points.  There is a salary cap of $50,000.

On FanDuel, an MVP spot will be featured which adds a 1.5x multiplier and four flex spots. FD will have a $60,000 salary cap and the multiplier will impact both positive and negative scores.

Let’s take a look at the best possible DFS lineup for Super Bowl LV. To start with, between the QB’s, Patrick Mahomes is the one you want. The cost for Mahomes is $12,000. and Tom Brady is going for $10,000. on DK.

Mahomes has shown that he is the more elite QB especially due to the comeback he made to win the Super Bowl last year. He has a very calm and measured demeanor as a quarterback and in his last meeting with the Buccaneers, he completed 37 passes for 462 yards and 3 touchdowns. He has been projected to earn 27.0 points.

Leonard Fournette from the Bucs is the next man you want. In week 15 he became the starting running back and has scored 6 touchdowns since then including one in all three playoff games. He has 104 yards from scrimmage and has caught 14 of 17 passes for 102 yards.

Fournette could end up receiving many dump-off passes if the Chiefs’ defensive line is pressuring Brady. Fournette goes for $7,800 but will cost $11,700 because of the 1.5x multiplier in the captain’s spot.


Best DFS Lineup for Super Bowl LV: Looking for Value?

Next, up is Bucs running back, Ronald Jones II who is only going for $2,200 and is projected to make 7.4 points.  He is a steal. He has received double-digit carries in his last four games and has averaged 5 yards per carry. All he needs to do is get a carry in the red zone and that seems quite likely. 

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill is also a no brainer and goes for $10,400. DK is all points per reception (PPR) and Hill put up 52.1 PPR points in two playoff games and put up 60.9 against the Bucs in week 12.

Chris Godwin is the next receiver you want to pick priced at $8,800. He has become Brady’s favorite receiver with 44 targets in the Bucs past five games and put up at least 18.9 PPR points in 4 of his last 5 games.

Lastly, we have Bucs tight end Cameron Brate priced at $4,800. He is a great option if you can’t afford Travis Kelce. In the playoffs, Brate has had at least 5 targets in each of Tampa’s 3 playoff games and has caught 11 passes for 149 yards and a touchdown in the postseason.

This is the most cost-efficient and point producing line up you can have for Super Bowl LV. Sunday will be a day to remember for Daily Fantasy Sports.


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