Big news for sports betting enthusiasts, the NBA has announced their partnership with Draftkings. The sports betting provider Draftkings and the NBA have entered into a lucrative deal, that will provide new opportunities for sports betting on NBA games.

DraftKings founded in 2012 by three college friends maintains headquarters in Boston, Massachuttes. The company employees over 900 employees, and over eight million users. Draftking and about six other companies including the MGM Grand, will now have exclusive use of the NBA logo and their betting data, in their promotional material. This is a huge step for the sports betting provider, a representative for Draftkings said, “This has been a major hurdle in advancing the companies goals.’ In years past, professional sports leagues like the NBA, NFL and MLB have been banned from any association with professional betting.

Nothing New

This is not the first major partnership deal for DraftKings. Major League Baseball (MLB) was an early investor in the company. The company also sealed a $250 million deal with the sports channel ESPN. In September of 2019, the NFL announced that Draftkngs would be their official sports betting provider. Draftkings acquired rights for EuroLeague games in Canada and the United States in 2017.

The company was founded by Jason Robbins, Paul Liberman and Matt Kalish in 2012. Robbins talked about the company moving forward, with their sports betting variations last year. He talked to ‘Bloomberg’ and talked about the game plan for the company after the Supreme Court paved the way for legalized sports betting. Robbins said, “Within 24 hours of the decision, we were in a strategy planning session and off to the races working on a product.” Robbins was asked what his predictions were for the entire U.S. regarding sports betting. He said, “A lot of states like New York and West Virginia are already allowing sports betting.

The rest of the states that are still in session, are going to look over the bill. We will be seeing several states trying to get ready for NFL season.” Robbins also talked about what teams he thought would generate the most bets. He said, “I think the NFL will be the big winner, I think basketball and baseball. I think baseball is a great sport for betting. Everybody talks about baseball having too many stoppages, but I think that’s really a huge plus. I think it will really do a lot to keep baseball fans engaged throughout the game.

I think golf the same thing, it’s really conducive to betting just given the pace of play goes. I think those will be some of the big ones. But really every sport will benefit from this.” Asked about how to keep the fans engaged, Robbins said ‘everything that the company had built at that point, is designed with engagement as the top priority.’ The CEO added, that ‘Draftkings has some of the brightest minds in the industry on their team, and they are extremely fortunate when it comes to the quality of their products.’

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