In the last week a report issued by ‘a special interim House committee that was organized just to address legal sports betting. There are two very specific issues that are being addressed now in preparation for a launch in 2020. One of the issues is, is legalized sports betting, which is going strong nation-wide. The second issue is ‘the gray machine’ which are video gambling terminals that have become very present in Missouri in 2019.

Missouri lawmakers have recognized that they have a daunting task facing them in 2020. They have to figure out all the new regulations regarding legalized gambling, that is exploding since the Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting in 2018. The Chairman of the special assembled committee, Dan Shaul, said ‘trying to ‘figure out what’s what, has been extremely challenging.’

The Committee Said ‘Sports Betting’ Will Bring In Much Needed Revenue For The State

Chairman Shaul said ‘We are threading a very fine needle at this point. We know that bringing
Legalized sports betting on-board, will give Missouri much needed revenue for state and city programs. That’s all great, but we are not yet sure how all of this is supposed to work.’Shaul also said all the ‘confusion is very disappointing, it’s pretty clear cut what needs to be done. We are to allow legalized sports wagers and also per the Supreme Court allow online betting. We are supposed to take a certain amount of the proceeds for state programs according to the Missouri Constitution.’ One issue that lawmakers are dealing with, is if sports betting will be relegated to casinos only. If that were to be the case, it would cut down on profits.

Lawmakers Are Concerned That Casino Revenue Could Be Affected By Sports Betting

Some lawmakers voiced concern that sports betting may take potential revenue away from casinos. Those losses would affect communities that depend on the revenue from casinos. Another issue lawmakers are grappling with are ‘gray machines’ that are ‘no chance display terminals. Lawmakers looking at these sports betting issues, say the ‘gray machines’ have been very problematic since they started appearing. Gaming officials say there are over 14,000 machines across the entire state of Missouri. Officials say these machines are ‘not the real deal’ because players know the outcome before they put down any money.

Supporters of the gray machines argue that the same thing as slot machines. Due to the fact that it is legal, it should go forward and be taxed. Missouri lawmakers say ‘gambling and sports betting is in Missouri and it’s not going anywhere. The only thing that has to be decided by the committee is how to classify each gambling apparatus, and then tax it all accordingly. The majority of Missouri residence support legalized sports betting, and are looking forward to the added revenue. Lawmakers are expected to have all sports betting issues ironed out before the end of December. .

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