A new bill that is being fined tuned and proposed by Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, is already ruffling feathers in the gaming industry.  The senators are expected to introduce the bill in January 2020. According to the senators, the bill’s intention is to protect consumers and uphold the integrity of sports teams. The bill if passed will require any sports betting operator to get permission from the Federal Government before they can apply for a license.

Another purpose of the bill is to establish a national clearinghouse for all sports betting operations. The bill calls for sports betting operators to garner their data solely from professional leagues. In years past, professional sports leagues argued against legalized sports betting. The general argument was that introducing sports betting into the equation would damage the integrity of the game. That perception all changed after the Supreme Court lifted a ban on sports betting in 2018.

The Bill Is Expected To Face Strong Opposition From The Gaming Industry

After the Supreme Court decision, it was left up to each state to determine if sports betting would be allowed. Sports betting is expected to bring in several billions of dollars to leagues, sports betting providers, casinos, tech firms and other industries.

Gaming officials in New Jersey are turning out robust profits from sports betting. Gaming officials there said, they would fight the bill if it goes through and is signed into law. A source said, “we are doing just fine now, without the federal government encroaching on our business.’ The nationwide ban on sports betting was enacted in 1992 by a bill that Senator Orrin Hatch wrote. He’s had his hand in the industry, ‘trying to stall it’ for decades.’ The ban prior to the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, did not include the state of Nevada.

Congresswoman Dina Titus of Nevada said of the proposed bill,’would inject uncertainty into an established and regulated industry.’ Titus said further, ‘having a bill like this would weaken the industry in Nevada and force players to leave the regulated and legalized industry. ‘

It’s Unclear How Much Support The Bill Will Have With Lawmakers Once Things Resume

Hatch, who at 85 and from Utah, has decided to retire, however, Schumer said he will be back in 2020 and will be heavily pushing the bill so it gets voted on. The senator from New York said he expected the bill to be voted on in January 2020. It’s at the top of the agenda because so many billions of dollars ride on it, he said. The NFL, National Council on Problem Gambling, United States Tennis Association and the NCAA had high praises for the bill. Sara Slane, the senior Vice President of the National Gaming Association, slammed the bill. She said ‘the industry is one that is very heavily regulated by the US Government already. Any more regulations would be discriminatory and inappropriate.

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