With The Stroke Of A Pen Governor Dashed The Hopes Of Sports Betting Fans: Maine’s Governor, Janet Mills struck down a bill to legalize sports betting in the New England state. Mills, a Democrat and an attorney, had been listening to both sides of the debate on sports betting. On Friday, she said she wasn’t convinced that the majority of the residents of Maine are in favor of expanding the gambling that is in place. Had Governor Mills passed the bill, Maine would have been the 14th state that has legalized sports betting. This after a Supreme Court decision in 2018 overturned a nationwide ban on sports betting.

The bill was moving along the Maine legislature last summer, at that time Mills tabled the bill until the new legislative session started in January 2020. Mills,72, also said, “I appreciate the Legislator’s interest in this evolving interest and respectfully request that you sustain this veto while we closely monitor the impact of legalization. We will monitor the successes and failures in other states as they seek to regulate and benefit from sports betting.

The Defeated Sports Betting Bill Was Sponsored By Senator Louis Luchini

The voted sports bill was cultivated after the 2018 Supreme Court ruling by Democratic Maine Senator Louis Luchini. According to the bill, the sports betting revenue sports betting denied in Maineonline would have been taxed at 16% and sports betting conducted at casinos, would have been taxed at 10%.

According to gaming experts, those amounts would have been extremely progressive compared to other states that have sports betting. Friday’s decision by the governor to nix the bill and let die out this point, was met with mixed reactions. Those like Senator Louis Luchini and his committee that worked on the bill were not pleased with the decision.

Governor Mills did say on Friday that she understands the merit involved in passing sports betting into law in Maine. She believes that it would be a good thing to take sports betting out of the ‘dark black market.’ Mills made it clear that she is aware that many people in Maine engage in sports betting in the black market.

Governor Janet Mills Did Sign An Option That Down The Road Would Allow Sports Betting

Governor Mills, did not 100% shut the door on any chance that sports betting can launch in Maine. She signed an option that sports betting could at some point become law without her signature. That option could eventually set the motion for the sports betting bill to pass in Maine.

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The Governor of Michigan Rick Synder also rejected a sports betting bill, but like Governor Mills, signed an option to let it pass without his signature. Sports betting did eventually pass in Michigan by the voters of the state.  Mills also added some strange comments to her decision on Friday. She said other states that have legalized sports betting have not collected revenue that they thought they would prior. She did not cite any specific states or facts, she also said, ‘if we legalize sports betting, where does it stop she asked. The weather a spelling bee, a city council meeting everything.’


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