Ohio Sports Betting Experts Are Saying Millions Of Dollars are Lost

Millions of dollars were bet on the Super Bowl across the country, and not just in Las Vegas. There are almost two dozen states that have legalized sports betting, Ohio is not one of those states. A few of Ohio’s neighbors have taken the plunge into sports betting. Neighboring Indiana legalized betting in September of 2019, and has been cleaning up with revenues. Brad Baldini, is the general manager of  Winner’s Circle in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Baldini said the first four months of legal sports betting was insane. He said, “It was chaos, it really was nuts, we had to figure out glitches as we went along. The biggest issue is the demand was so great, which was amazing, but very overwhelming at the same time.’ The Winner’s Circle was operated as an ‘off-track betting site, prior to September of 2019. As soon as Indiana got the green light, the locations were changed to a sports bar and restaurant and installed sports betting kiosks.Ohio Sports betting

People That Were Hesitant To Engage In Sports Betting When It Was Illegal Now Have Options

Brad Baldini, says the market for sports betting was always there, ‘there were many people that never wanted to cross over the line of doing it illegally. This has been evident by the steady stream of guests who are placing sports bets at our establishment Baldini explained. Baldini elaborated that even people that were regularly placing sports bets illegally have now become regular guests, here where everything is controlled and has integrity. Now the manager says, ‘sports fans can put their money where their mouth is.’

Sam Weeden, an avid sports fan who was at the Winner’s Circle, said, “It just makes some of those nonexciting games more interesting.” Weeden places bets in person at casinos and at kiosks and on a mobile sports betting app. Online sports betting is also legal in Indiana and has been extremely successful. Weeden also explained, ‘that sports betting is obviously an opportunity to make money. It’s almost like a side hustle or a job.’

Indiana Permits Sports Betting On Major Professional Leaguer & Division 1 College Athletics

Weeden says now that he now has changed his entire routine when watching his favorite games. He said he used to kind of just glance at a screen, now from beginning to end he says he’s extremely focused for the entire game.’ Ohio isn’t only losing out on revenues to Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have legal sports betting up and running. Michigan is scheduled to launch its sports betting before the end of February.

Those states in the months their sports betting has up and running have taken in millions and millions of dollars in taxes. Ohio, a state plagued by opiate addiction, could benefit greatly from legalized sports betting. The advocates and sponsors of sports betting bill in Ohio, say social service agencies would really benefit from the money sports betting could bring in. Lawmakers in Ohio say that sports betting is one of the biggest issues to consider in 2020.