This year I’m proud to announce that I will be attending the 2020 PGA Merchandise show, this is the golfing industry’s leading trade-only event. Professionals and celebrities around the world will gather to check out golfs groundbreaking equipment and meet some of the people who are revolutionizing the sport. It’s a great opportunity to attend the world’s largest outdoor demo day along with going to educational sessions taught by the best instructors and network with the ever-growing golf industry.

With so many exciting exhibitions to attend, allow me to tell you some of the exhibitions and classes that I’m most excited about.

Equipment testing center

Before I get into the equipment I’m excited to test, I’d like to point out just how huge this event is going to be. For four days straight, I’ll be able to experience over 1,000 retailers and get to network with nearly 40,000 other industry professionals. Being able to test out new products on 200 hitting bays, putting greens and even a golf cart test track, there are so many things to be excited about but I’ll try to narrow it down.

First up on my list of exciting new equipment to try is L.A.B Golf’s new putters. They’ve innovated one of the most important aspects of your golf game…putting. They’ll be unveiling the new Directed Force 2.1 Putter, which is created with their patented “Lie Angle Balance” technology to eliminate torque from their putters. They also allow for customization, with a choice of three different color options and you can choose different shaft and alignment options. If you’re looking to improve your putt game be sure to check out L.A.B Golf’s putters and if you aren’t attending the show, go to for more information.

Another company I’m looking forward to testing out is PowerTee, regardless of your golfing needs, PowerTee has the practice equipment you’ll require. With products available for home, country clubs and driving ranges, I’m excited to see what advances and improvements they’ve made to their already proven product.

One of the fastest rising manufacturers’ in the U.S will be attending the show and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it. Volvik USA, the leading color golf ball on tour has three different sets of balls they’ll be bringing to the show, including a Marvel collection. With ball designs tailored to any golfer’s dream, I look forward to chatting with the crew on what they’ve been working on.

Last but certainly not least, when measuring your performance, accuracy is paramount and that’s where FlightScope comes in. An industry-leading company dedicated to accuracy and specializing in high-performance 3D tracking radars. One product I’m especially excited for is their portable tracking tool MEVO, which collects on course data with instant feedback and the availability to share in-app results. Personally, for me, this is one of the best exhibitors attending the show.  2020 PGA Merchandise Show Coming to Orlando

Educational Conferences

Truth be told, the equipment testing will be the icing on the cake when combined with all the different educational sessions I’ll be able to attend. These conferences are great for networking and learning more about the business. With so many guest speakers it would take a while to tell you all the people I’m looking forward to hearing from, but I’d like to highlight a few. From industry executives to expects in golf operations and instruction, this year’s show is packed with talent.

One of these experts is Shane Knowles, from Afterpay, leading a session on how millennials are rewriting spending rules. Classes like these are vital to keeping up with the times and broadening your demographic.

Another speaker I’m excited to hear from is Tom Shay, principal of Profits Plus Solutions and his conference on how to beat out your competition. Knowing the right moves to make and how to defend your business determines its success. Shay uses examples and tactics of General George S. Patton to demonstrate the proper strategy you should implement depending on your own situation.

To top it off on the final evening of the event, Polartec will be presenting a live fashion show and goodr Sunglasses will be sponsoring an Industry Happy Hour and Reception to end the night.

With more classes and seminars than I can count, I look forward to incorporating what I learn this week into my own business and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

You can have equipment just like the PGATour guys do. After you check out all the good stuff, then you can learn how to bet golf just like those using your new equipment.