The Southland Casino In West Memphis Now Offers Sports Betting:  People in Arkansas are celebrating the official launch of sports betting in their state. The Southland Casino in West Memphis is home to a huge entertainment complex, it’s newest edition is sports betting, just a few days from the NFL juggernaut the Super Bowl. The timing was pristine, officials in Arkansas said on Wednesday that the goal for launching sports betting was prior to the Super Bowl. West Memphis resident Diandra Lee was on hand for the launch, she said,”If it’s going to help the community like money inside of West Memphis, I say go for it.”

Sports betting went live on Wednesday at the Southland Casino. Jeff Strang a spokesman for the Southland Casino, said, ‘everything went as planned and the timing couldn’t be better.’ Strang said the ‘Southland family feels confident that since sports betting is now an option for their customers, that more people will come down.’ Strung added, ‘that the casino depends on the good people of West Memphis and visitors from other areas. He’s hoping that with more options such as sports betting,  people will be loyal to the casino.’

Southland’s Casino Spokesperson Said A lot Of Players Are Coming From Neighboring County

Sprang also said that ‘if you look at the Southland parking lot, you can see that a lot of customers are coming from Shelby County.’ That county with close to a million residents has no sports betting, so Southland is the closest location for them to place their bets. Some of those people were going to Tunica County when sports betting launched in the summer of 2018.

However, the Southland Casino is much closer to them now.  Webster Franklin the spokesperson for the Tunica Convention Center also released a statement. It read in part, “As sports betting expands across the United States, our six casino operators will continue to provide gamblers with the best odds, betting lines and overall gaming experience to be found.”

Southland Casino is not just stopping with sports betting, they have been developing other feature to make their casino a showpiece. Southland is unveiling other added features to the casino to give it more appeal.

Southland Casino Is Adding New Restaurants And Expanding The Space On The Casino Floor

Sprung also said that in addition to the sports betting, they are adding a substantial amount of floor place to the casino. They say it will offer a lot more comfort to the visitors that engage in their casino. There is also a new hotel that will have a 20-foot tower, that is now being built. Sprang said with all the new features and renovations the casino is going through, it will just be more choices for our guests and visitors. He also said the city of Memphis would also benefit from sports betting and all the new features that the casino will be rolling out in the coming months. The Southland Casino is located in West Memphis, the city of Memphis is only seven miles from the casino.