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The only reason to place a bet is so you can win some money, so if you’re going to gamble, it makes sense to be as good at it as you can possibly be. Being successful at sports betting requires a combination of sports knowledge and an understanding of how the industry operates.

The best place to learn how to win is at BetFest 2021, an all encompassing glimpse into the world of sports betting with everything from wagering tips to career opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a way to recognize advantageous lines or just trying to catch a side gig by using your software development skills, BetFest 2021 is for you.

Winning Wagering Strategies

Hear from successful professional gamblers on their strategies for beating a system that is designed to favor the house, the bookies and the major sportsbook operators at the expense of the sports bettor. But with the knowledge of these seasoned pros, you can look at lines and odds with a brand new perspective.

Find out what it takes to place winning bets on games in the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball, among the most difficult wagers in sports. Why do the bookies and sportsbooks always have to be the winners when there are ways for you to consistently come out on top?

With the advent of mobile applications, live betting and legal sports betting in 25 states, learn the best ways and places to wager on sports, including detailed information on proposition bets and the most profitable ways to wager while you watch. Experts will guide you through all of the different variables, but only if you attend BetFest 2021.

Lucrative Career Opportunities

If you’re looking to turn a passion for sports and an affinity for betting into a career opportunity, then checking out BetFest 2021 is a must. With the explosive growth in legal sportsbooks, the increased involvement of sports leagues in gambling activity and the proliferation of websites focused on betting and Daily Fantasy Sports, now is the perfect time to explore a job in the sports betting industry.

Watch the Latest USA Wager Show Industry News

Whether it’s website development, retail casino and sportsbook jobs, writing opportunities or the creation of online applications, there are companies looking to hire capable people who want to start a career in the sports betting industry.

Just this week, the Ohio State Senate introduced legislation that would grant 40 new licenses for sportsbooks that will begin operating next January. To get a head start for those jobs, you need to be signed up for BetFest 2021 to find out what skills you need and how your experience can benefit you in seeking a sports betting related job.

You can also learn about degree programs and other educational opportunities that will prepare you for successfully competing for those most coveted sports betting industry positions. All you have to do is sign up for BetFest 2021 (free tickets available for limited number of people) to open the door to what could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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