Republican delegate Barry D. Knight has filed an amendment to the current gambling bill in Virginia. Knight took the measure months before any such amendment was due to be filed.  Knight and other sponsors of the bill and the amendment, aren’t taking any chances. The strategy according to a source, is to file ahead of time, so surrogates of the bill can get to work and deliver their message to the voters of Virginia. Knight filed the bill amendment this week, the amendment will be known as ‘HB 4’. The amendment which is added on to the current bill, and act to amend the bill known as ‘Code of Virginia.’ By adding the amendment it will make sports betting and other types of gambling legal in Virginia.

Governor Ralph Northam Signed A Law In March To Commence Research About Gambling

The Democratic Governor of Virginia –  Ralph Northam signed a special law in March. The law
‘SB 1126’ was enacted to assemble a committee to study legalized gambling in other states, and see what type of implications it had on local communities.  The committee also looked at what effects gambling had on communities where gambling was legal, both economically and socially. Northam also tasked Virginia lawmakers with revisit all of the relevant issues before any new casino could go forward in 2020. Knight’s amendment also has language in it that calls for issues surrounding gambling to be revisited. A source said Knight wants to be in alignment with the governor’s wishes, he feels that way, the amendment has a better chance of passing. The Virginia cities of Bristol, Portsmouth, Danville have already stated that they wish to be allowed to build and run casinos in their cities.

The Pamunkey Tribe Has Also Expressed Their Intent To Build A Casino In Norfolk

The city of Portsmouth, Virginia has been doing the research on gambling that Govornor
Northam has requested. City officials in Portsmouth, have gone so far as to take the next step, even before gambling measures pass. They have hired a gaming architecture firm in Chicago to produce blueprints for a casino. Portsmouth officials have a 50-acre property located near the Tidewater Community College campus that has been reserved for a casino complex.

This measure has been taken, because lawmakers in Portsmouth, believe the state will pass gambling.  This week the City Council in Portsmouth unanimously supported the decisions to hire the firm of. ‘Rush Street Gaming LLC’ to commence with blueprints and eventually run the casino. As soon as gambling becomes legal in Virginia, Portsmouth will sell the land to Rush Street. The price of the land would be $400.000 per acre, with a minimum sale of $10 million.
According to the agreement, the land must have enough room for a massive package garage and a luxury hotel. .Virginians overwhelmingly approve of gambling and the revenue it will generate for the state.

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