Circa Sports operates the Circa Sportsbook located in Las Vegas, NV. It’s the largest sportsbook currently operating out of ‘Sin City.’ Circa Sports is part of Circa Resort & Casino, which is currently being built in downtown Las Vegas. The complex will be part of the newly revamped ‘Fremont Experience’ on Fremont Street. It will have 777 hotel rooms, two states of the art casinos, and the Circa Sportsbook, which will be the largest sports betting provider in Vegas and the entire state of Nevada.

Now the owners are eyeing prospects on the east coast to launch their sportsbook at various locations. Circa Sportsbook general manager Mike Van Erman talked ‘strategy’ with the Las Vegas Journal. Erman said areas that the company is researching, are any markets that have online sports betting. They have already sealed a deal out of their home base of Nevada. Circa Sportsbook will launch in Colorado this summer, that being the first state out of their home state.

Circa Sportsbook Believes They Have The Winning Recipe For Success

Van Erman believes their sportsbook is extremely competitive when it comes to the competition. Van Erman said, “all things being equal, we think our product will win out. We really hang our hat on our hold percentages and the fact that it’s much lower on average than all over our competitors.”

Erman went on to give an example, he said as an example on the fight between Tyson Fury versus Deontay Wilder that took place on Saturday. Van Erman said, the sportsbook on that fight was accepting $100,000 or less bets. Erman said the hold the other sportsbook had on that fight was 5%. He said Circa Sportsbook was covering the WGC Mexico Golf Tournament with a 15% hold.Van Erman said in New Jersey the average amount is 40%.. Van Erman said the company is doing so well with their sportsbooks that it completely is exceeding their initial expectations.

Expansion Will Start A Head Of Schedule For Circa Sportsbook Due To Excellent Performance

Van Erman said their recipe of ‘low-hold, a high-limit system that Circa Sportsbook employs has been extremely successful. Due to the enormous success of the sportsbook, the company can start expanding ahead of schedule. The company launched its sportsbook in Nevada in June of 2019. Van Erman said that the response from their guests and customers has been so positive, that not to take advantage of that would be foolish. The goal is to start expansion plans now because their current markets are doing better than expected. The first property they launched was the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in June of 2019. The current hotel being built on Fremont Street in Las Vegas will be finished in December of 2020. At first,  Van Erman said, ‘the plans were kind of a wait see type basis. Now after the huge success the company has had, they realize they can ‘expand past Fremont St.’

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