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Connecticut Governor Doing Battle With Tribal Leaders Over Sports Betting

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The Connecticut Governor is Doing Battle With Tribal Leaders Over Sports Betting.

The Democratic Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont said ‘not so fast’ on Tuesday. The governor according to a source has some naysayers in his ear, and that was part of the reason for the Tuesday ruling. The state of Connecticut has some sports betting bills on the table.

The primary bill that the Connecticut legislature is considering would give two tribal-owned casinos in the state a monopoly on sports betting. The current bill in its present format would also be another casino to be built in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The bill also allows online betting on mobile devices including cell phones. The Governor is leaning more towards opposing sports betting bill that would be more inclusive of other people and businesses. A spokesperson for Governor Lamont said for the tribes to be the only entity that can profit on sports betting is clearly not fair to other interests in the state.

The governor offered tribal leaders some changes to the bill. A closed-door meeting between the Governor and tribal leaders took place to discuss alternative bills.

Tribal Leaders In Connecticut Want Sports Betting To Be Under Their Control In Connecticut

Mark Reiss, Governor Lamont’s communications director said,” the governor is committed to a fair resolution that brings Connecticut’s gaming economy into the 21st Century. He wants to sign a sports betting law into law in the next few months.

The governor’s team is working on an addendum currently. Reiss indicated that the goal of any revisions made to the current bill would be solid, and not subject to ongoing legal challenges. Tribal owned Mohegan Casino in Uncasville, CT has also been participating in talks with the governor’s team to try to find a resolution for the sports betting bill.

The Chief of Staff Chuck Bunnell responded to the latest developments with the sports betting bill on Tuesday. According to a source, the Governor will not greenlight any bill that offers tribal casinos a monopoly on sports betting.

Tribal Leaders Won’t Agree To Sports Betting Bill That Lets Others Profit From Sport Betting

According to the governor’s spokesperson, ‘this matter could have been resolved long ago. The heart of the issues is the tribal stance on sharing profits with others who have expressed an interest in getting a sports betting license.

Chuck Bunnell commented on the state’s position, he said, “We would be forced to oppose that, We believe we have the exclusive rights to sports betting.” Many groups are crying foul, saying that the stance the tribal members are taking is quite selfish.’ They don’t want to let anyone else engage in the fair business said ‘Anita Letser who would like to apply for a sports betting license.

Bunnell said if the governor doesn’t drop the issue of opening sports betting up to other interests, the tribe would be ‘forced to litigate.’ Bunnel and other tribal groups said, ‘we don’t think the governor will budge, which is very unfortunate.’

It doesn’t appear things will be ready for March Madness. 

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