The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) approved the online sports publisher ‘Covers Media Group’ for a sports betting license. The publishing company is owned by .The IGC license allows Covers Media Group to expand its existing business portfolio.  It will allow Covers Media Group to facilitate more acquisitions with various sports betting providers, they already had limited partnerships with. is basically an information site, under the new license they will be able to activate partnerships with other companies. Allowing them to earn revenue shares and other fees for referred customers. Mark Harper the General Manager of Covers Media Group and Nova Scotia Sports Media Pros, says the license approval is something the Company has been looking forward to.

Covers Media Group Looks Forward To Expanding Its Business Throughout the United States

Harper said, “This is in line with our commitment to continue to work with our sportsbook operator partners in those legislated US States. On the back of the news that we are approved to operate the sports betting products in Indiana, we are set to complete several partnerships with in-state operators.” The Covers Media Group entering the Indiana market at almost perfect timing. Indiana’s bills that passed and allowed sports betting in the state took effect in September of 2019.. The sports betting industry in Indiana has seen explosive growth in the first three months of operation. The sports betting industry in Indiana has grown by 160% from just to September to October. The results are better than even the most optimistic advocates of sports betting could have imagined.

The Industry Has Faced Some Challenges In Its First Year Of Operation

The Chief Operating Manager of appeared at Betting On Sports America event earlier this year. He talked about what challenges he anticipated facing in 2019. Harper said, We’re certainly the number one site, when it comes to sports betting information on the web. However remaining in the number one spot is our main challenge, and the industry continues to expand, so does the competition Harper said. Harper commented on why it’s so important to attend gatherings like ‘Betting On America Event.’ He said Well I think you’re around all the movers and shakers in the sports betting space. One of the major decision makers are here at an event like this. I would say the MP’s and the VP’s are all here at an event like this.

They are all here making important decisions and doing deals. That’s why we have to be at an event like this too. We’ve been in the sports industry for 24 years. And I think for u it’s about maintaining our position and making sure that we are here for our existing clients and also trying to find new clients that we can represent as well. We go to as many as these types of events as we physically can during the year, because they are so important.”

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