Sports betting advocates and fans were told by officials in the nation’s capital several different times that there would be a launch. They were told sports betting would launch in time for the Super Bowl, the World Series, March Madness, without the promises coming to fruition.

Now gaming officials in D.C. said that there will be sports betting launch in time for home team National baseball team, opening day in April. The first phase of sports betting in D.C. available to players will be online sports betting. Sports betting at physical locations will roll out in increments say, officials. The D.C, Lottery Commission is overseeing sports betting in D.C.

On Sunday spokeswoman Nicole Jordan said, ‘there is only one sports app that is authorized to operate for the residents and visitors of D.C. According to Jordan, the app is now functional and will be ready for the public to use sometime in March.sports betting

The Same Company That Operates The D.C. Lottery Designed The Sports Betting App

The App was developed by ‘Intralot’ a large Greek gaming company. Intralot also developed and runs the D.C. Lottery. The D.C. Council voted last year to contract with ‘Intralot’ exclusively and signed a $215 million contract with Intralot. That moved caused a little bit of controversy, with people wondering out loud why there is a monopoly on sports betting in D.C.

According to Jordan, the delays have nothing to do with the Lottery Commission. Jordan insists it was legislative measures that ultimately caused all of the delays. Jordan also said if things were left solely to the Lottery Commission, there would have been a launch several months ago.

Due to several challenges, the Lottery Commission had to rewrite certain rules and regulations involving sports betting. Players must be 18 to place a bet, however, that was a ‘huge ordeal’ Jordan said.

The D.C. Lottery Commission Was In Charge Of Several Rules And Regulations

In addition to the age requirements, the Lottery Commission was also responsible for determining which sporting events could have bets placed on them. It was decided by the Lottery officials, that any professional sporting event would be permissible, however, there will be no betting on college teams. There are a few other regulations that have not yet been revealed Jordan said.

All of the terms and regulations will be available on the Lottery Commission website prior to the official launch. Over 25 bars and restaurants in D.C. have been granted approval by the ‘Liquor Board, to have sports betting licenses.

The process for licenses has taken much longer than it was originally thought. All of those businesses that were granted approval still have to get approval from the Lottery Commission before they are granted licenses. For larger venues like stadiums, the final rules have not yet been determined.