Some residents of ‘The Volunteer State’ have been balking lately, due to no clear date that legalized sports betting will get underway. However some clear signs that the state is getting ready for it, they hired a director of sports betting. The Lottery Commission of Tennessee is compiling rules and regulations for the exploding industry. Wanda Young Wilson a former employee of the lottery commission has now been hired as a consultant to the commission. During a meeting last week,, Wilson said all council members will receive rough drafts of the proposed rules and regulations. The rules as approved by the council and the commission will be posted online this week. After the public publication of the rules, there will be a 30 day period when the public can offer concerns or suggestions. After the 30 day period ends, the Lottery Commission will start accepting sports betting license applications.

Tennessee Has Been Lacking In Guidance As They Get Ready To Advance Legalized Betting

Wilson said that the state has been working on rules and regulations and other agenda issues, with little to no guidance. She said this could take some time to develop, there is no official timeline. Wilson said they are taking their time, they want things done right.” Wilson said ‘too many good people have worked for years on this, there is no reason now to get sloppy now, that is not the thing to do.’ Jennifer Roberts a former gaming official in Nevada, was hired as the first director of sports betting in Tennessee. She assumed her position on Monday December 2, 2019. Online sports betting passed the Tennessee House in April of 2019, and sources say there is no clear date set right now. The source went on to say that it should be up and running in early 2020.

Citizens Of Tennessee Voiced Excitement & Some Small Concerns About Sports Betting

Last Spring when news broke that the sports betting bill had passed the house, there was a mostly positive reaction.The bill that passed the house, would allow online sports betting and betting on a mobile device. Cal Spears a CEO of Fantasy Sports Betting outlet in Nashville, weighed in on the issue shortly after the bill passed. Spears said, legalizing sports betting in the state was long overdue. Spears continued, “the opportunity for us is bigger than what we have had, I say bigger because it will mean a lot more money coming into the state. We have our active audience, our engaged audience, and we can now work with those sports books to send them the best bonus deal and special promotions”. Whatever it is, and it’s a huge win for everyone Spears said. There are some concerns from mental health outreach agencies in the state, over addiction issues. Spears says, ‘anyone can be addicted to anything, so that shouldn’t even be on the radar.’

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