Sportsbook Owners Are Eagerly Watching Live Updates From The CDC:

Sportsbook owners are watching reports about any updates of the worldwide pandemic COVID19 or the ‘CoronaVirus.’ The stock market has been taking a huge beating, with trading suspended mid-day on Monday, March 9th, to stop it from completely crashing. Many sports teams have announced that their players would play to empty stands, without the normal rowdy fan base cheering on their favorite teams.

Sports betting analysts say that is changing the face of sports, but it’s not all bad news. Experts in sports betting say the underdogs should not be overlooked, while there are no fans in the stands. The way players play without fans could be affected, so ‘bet on the underdogs say the experts’ Derek Wilkinson who owns Westgate Las Vegas Sportsbook said, “I would say take the underdogs, a lot of the favorites crowds may not show up, or may not be allowed to show up so this is a good time to take the underdogs.”

Many Sportsbooks Say They Have Seen No Major Changes In The Number Of People Betting

Wilkinson said that he has a normal amount of people showing up at the Westgate to place sports bets. Nevada is not one of the hotspots currently, but Wilkinson believes that people coming to Westgate are confident that the staff will keep the location clean, sanitary and safe.

Wilkinson and others say it’s very good news with one of the biggest sporting events just around the corner ‘March Madness.’, which starts March 17th. However, a very big advantage that sports betting has over other types of gambling is mobile access. In markets where mobile sports betting has launched, there are a record number of players placing bets. That way fear of crowds is completely eliminated. The Westgate Sportsbook does offer mobile sports betting, Wilkinson said there has been a huge increase of players who play online in February and March.

The CoronaVirus Has Created A Niche Within Sports Betting

The CoronaVirus has been hazardous for less than three months and started in Wuhan, China. Certain countries like China, Italy, Iran and South Korea have been hard hit with new cases and deaths. There are more than  600 people who have been confirmed to have the virus in the United States and over 26 deaths. While sports teams have to alter the way they are playing their games by using ‘social distancing/ tactics, the world is getting ready to send their most elite athletes to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan on July 24, 2020.

Many experts say the event should be canceled until health officials have a grasp on the virus. Some sportsbooks are taking bets on whether or not the Olympics will be canceled. Currently, the odds for the games being canceled are +500. It would be very unlikely that the entire event would be canceled due to a virus. However as the date gets closer, some people are saying, ‘a wait and see’ option is what is best for the athletes and fans.