Georgia Senators Still Arguing About Legalized Sports Betting. Senators in Georgia can’t agree on implementing legalized sports betting in the ‘Peach State.’ It was decided earlier this week that for the time being no new recommendations will be made to the Georgia Legislature. According to new reporting in the ‘Atlanta Georgia Constitution’, the battle between proponents of sports betting going forward, and those that don’t want it, has been fierce.

Republican Senator Brandon Beach from Alpharetta has been at the forefront of the debate. Georgia organized a special advisory board to look into the pros and cons of legalized sports betting for their state. Senator Beach was the chairman of the committee. Beach said that there could have been a limited agreement reached, however, he feels now, that he wants more agreement on the bill before going forward. Senator Beach said until casinos, horse racing and other impacted industries have a total agreement on the bill, it should not be argued at this time.

Senator Beach Of Georgia Said He Would Rather Wait Than Do A Half Baked Job

Senator Beach said that sports betting is way too important to know give it the full discussions it deserves. Beach explained, “We just weren’t ready to vote. So I decided to hold off. We have time. We’re going to talk about it in the next Republican Senate caucus, it is set as a priority now.” Senator Bill Cowsert also a Republican from Athens Georgia, said he will be keeping an open mind this next session. Cowsert was very publicly opposed to sports betting being allowed in Georgia.

He now says that after careful review of the issues, he believes the revenues that sports betting could bring in, would go to state agencies that need money. Cowsert also advised that the issues surrounding sports betting, have a lot of ‘pros and cons’, and it will take careful consideration by all interested parties. Senator Beach said one of the biggest issues was how the wording on the bill will appear. The sides couldn’t agree on the way the bill has to be framed when presented to the voters of Georgia.

Georgia Senators Spent Several Months Hearing Information From the Gambling Industry

Senators spent several months in 2019 listening to representatives from the Gambling industry, discuss the pros of expanding gambling in the state. The Senators also invited groups and individuals that have opposition to legalized sports betting. Senator Beach said that other areas of contention are the way the separate types of gambling are to be heard. He would like an amendment added to the bill that would allow voters to approve all types of gambling. Gambling in Casinos, and sports betting, and online sports betting.

Other lawmakers are not so sure that each type of gambling shouldn’t be considered separately. Governor Brian Kemp has recently asked for cuts to programs to be made. With that request, lawmakers are looking again to sports betting to replace lost revenue. Beach said he’s hopeful to have an agreement by January 13th, 2020.

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