Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has all kinds of expansive gambling plans for the state of Alaska. Dunleavy has unveiled an ambitious plan that lays out how legalized gambling will happen in the state. The first step of the plan involves an introduction of the first lottery to be unveiled in the ‘the Last Frontier’ state. Governor Dunleavy has proposed an entity of the government of Alaska handle all of the legalized gambling in the state.

The corporation which would be owned by the state would control the lottery, scratch-offs tickets, keno, and sports betting. Another proposal for state-sanctioned gambling was proposed by, Alaska House Majority leader. Republican Steve Thompson of Fairbanks, wants a more limited type of gambling in the state. Thompson has proposed a ‘draw style’ of lottery that is very popular in other states. Like Mega Millions and Power-ball, those types of lottery games is also in the plan Dunleavy proposed.

Representative Thompson & Governor Dunleavy Both Want To Bring In Revenue For Alaska

Dunleavy and Thompson, have said that they are looking at bringing in extra revenue to the state of Alaska. A state that pays each resident a sum of money each year, simply for living in the state. The state of Alaska now has a fiscal gap of $1.5 billion that is caused in part by the state’s annual dividends of $3100 or $3200 to each resident of the state. An official with the Department of Revenue has estimated with gambling up and running in Alaska, could bring in at least $100 million annually.

The Revenue Department wanted to be clear, that that figure is if all of Dunleavy’s proposals are implemented. Dunleavy said if Thompson’s plan is what is chosen the revenue would only be about $10 to $12 million annually, and that figure is not enough to meet the needs of the state. On Friday Governor Dunleavy said, “Aside from creating a pathway that could lead to business opportunities, the purpose of the bill is to generate new revenue for the state. In an era of declining state revenues, it is imperative for Alaska to consider new ways of funding government services that satisfy the public health and welfare needs of our citizens.

The Governor’s Plan Will Be Earmarked For State Education Programs And Dividends

Governor Dunleavy’s proposal will also go to state welfare programs and health programs. Dunleavy said ‘there is so much need in our state, although we are in better shape than many states, we still need an anchor.’ There is a bit of a hiccup in the Governor’s plan because according to the Alaska Constitution, funds from revenue can’t be dedicated to any programs. So a state legislator can change any proposal to be in accordance with the Constitution. Thompson’s proposal doesn’t say where the revenues from gambling should go. Legal experts say the wording in Thompson’s plan is better, in that it can’t be changed by legislators. However, it’s not too late for Dunleavy to modify his proposal.

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