Hooters Is Jumping Into The Sports Betting Boom In Time For Super Bowl:  Hooters has partnered up with sports betting platform BetRivers and an ad agency. The sports betting app will be available in three states where Hooters has restaurants. Hooters Inc. now have sports betting capabilities in Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The famed restaurant/sports bars were founded in 1983 by businessman Lynn D. Stewart.

The first restaurant was located in Clearwater, Florida now has over 420 restaurants located all over the world. The restaurants that currently have sports betting have ‘KonekTV’ televisions to allow customers to place bets on games. The televisions present key game statistics, analytics and allow customers to place bets on the BetRivers app. The televisions will also have sponsored ads in addition to the betting information. A source with knowledge of the partnership said, ‘Hooters knows full well that the sports betting market is exploding. It’s just a normal business progression to claim a stake in it now.’

Hooters CEO Says Their New Sports Betting Partnership Will Enhance The Hooters Experience

The CEO of Hooters, Terry Marks released a statement on Thursday about their new partnership. Marks said, “We love enhancing the guest experience in any way we can, from best in-class-food and service to top notch entertainment. Partnering with KonekTV allows us to bring a whole new world of opportunities to our guests and creates another reason as to why Hooters is the ultimate hang out sport.” Hooters has restaurants in 38 states in the U.S. Some are wondering why the sports betting app is only available in three states.

Hooters of America’ is charge of franchisee issues and regulations. This particular group is responsible for 410 restaurants in 38 states and 24 countries. Matt Stetz current CEO of a partner group of KonekTV’ Rush Street Interactive explained the current situation. Stetz said that the three states that currently have BetRivers apps, are the three states that can have the sports betting apps. Stetz said those are the states currently that have sports betting up and running. Stetz said there are plans in place to expand sports betting to Hooters locations in other states

Hooters Plans To Have Sports Betting In Locations Wherever Sports Betting Is Legal

Stetz said, in addition to Hooters they manager other restaurant chains throughout the country. This is an endeavor that has basically just started late last year, but is relatively new for the most part Stetz said, He further elaborated, “We have a range of innovation planned for how to drive activation and engagement locations such as Hooters.  There are 14 states that have sports betting. Some of those states allow sports betting at retail locations, and some have sports betting on physical locations and online.

Stetz says as more states come online and launch sports betting, they will be focused on making sports betting available in their locations in those states. According to the “American Gaming Associations’ sports betting has taken in close to $20 billion dollars since 2018.

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