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Illinois Sports Betting Launch Likely After Super Bowl

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Illinois Sports Betting Launch Likely After Super Bowl. Take a look at the latest from the Land of Lincoln.

Both sides have refused to budge over issues relating to legalized sports betting in Illinois. That has frustrated advocates of the sports betting bill in Illinois. Due to ongoing issues, the official launch of legalized sports betting, will likely not happen in time for the Super Bowl. The 50th Super Bowl is going to be held on February 2, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.  Some experts believe that there may be some people betting online in the Prairie State.’ However state gaming officials say that any sports betting in the state is currently not legal, and proponents will have to wait a little longer. Governor J.B. Pritzker approved the Sports betting bill in June, 2019. The sports betting bill was part of an over 45 billion dollar plan for overall improvements for the state.

Representative Michael Zalewski A Sponsor Of The Bill Is Disappointed That There Is Stalling

Democratic Rep. Michael Zalewski,63, has been a member of the Illinois House of Representatives since 2008. Zalewski, a former prosecutor said he’s very disappointed in the failure of allowing sports betting to officially launch. Zalewski said the lost revenue for the Super Bowl is very disappointing. The revenue generated from legalized sports betting is slated to go towards the Illinois school system.

Zalewski says he hopes that sports betting launches in time for ‘March Madness’, but due to past predictions, he doesn’t feel safe saying that will be the day it launches. Rep. Zalewski added, that if sports betting launches in time for ‘March Madness’, it will only be at physical locations, like casinos and kiosks. Zalewksi and the Governor’s team, say that online betting could be delayed as much as 18 months.

Lawmakers Are Urging Citizens & Visitors To Illinois To Wait For Betting To Be Legal

Lawmakers have urged residents and visitors to refrain from betting illegally, and be patient and wait for the official launch. What the fees for each legal bet will be, has not been determined yet. Zalewski has been knee-deep in research regarding legalized betting in other states. He said he has seen fees in Indiana set at a minimum of $5 dollars per bet. He said that could be the protocol for Illinois to follow, however, the final decision will be up to the Illinois Gaming Board. One of the stanchest protesters of legalized betting in the state has been, Anita Bedell of Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems.

Bedell says, online gambling will lead to all sorts of problems and provide easy access for minors. Bedell is concerned for minors and adults with the easy access online gambling will have. She says ‘it will be 24/7 access day and night, and be very difficult to break free from. Zalewski, said people have been betting on sports in the state and other states illegally for decades upon decades. It’s time he says to get the much-needed revenue from legalizing it, and making it safe for everyone.’

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