Illinois Sports Betting Update

This week the Illinois Gaming Board, who will oversee sports betting gave an update. The board said as soon as sports betting providers are ready to launch, they can do so. Sports betting will be available at casinos and race tracks throughout the state. The process of allowing the state to launch sports betting has been conducted in stages. Late this week the Gaming Board, released an update on the stage of the process. A list of advances the board has made in phase two of the sports betting launch process were revealed.

There has been some frustration among sports betting license applicants. Companies are getting their locations ready for a sports betting launch. By doing so, some sports betting providers are investing millions of dollars on needed equipment. Yet the board while releasing progress reports is not letting anyone know when the actual launch date is. The Gaming board will soon issue temporary sports betting permits. These will only be allowed to use for a short term period.

The Illinois Gaming Board Is Hopeful That Sports Betting Will Launch Before March Madness

The temporary sports betting permits the board is issuing is being done, to speed up the process and get closer to a launch date. It’s been a slow process a member of the board said on Friday. The Board member did not want to be identified but said ‘there has been quite a bit of fighting and a lot of disagreements. Another announcement made by the Gaming Board this week, addressed what kind of betting would be permitted. They said sporting events are permissible to be bet on.Illinois sports betting

All things Hollywood will not be allowed said that same board member. In nearby Indiana, sports bets can be taken on the upcoming Academy Awards. Illinois sport betting providers wanted the same opportunity. Officials with the Gaming Board, said, ‘no, people will not be able to place bets on who gets the Academy Awards. That option is available in Indiana and sports betting operators are hoping to have a record setting night for sports betting. In Indiana FanDuel and DraftKings operate the sports betting in the state, and have started taking bets on the Oscars.

According To The Rules Currently In Illinois Sports Betting Is Restricted To Sporting Events

The Illinois Gaming Board said that the betting in the state will be only on professional sporting events, and college sports. They went on to say, “The Illinois Gaming Board, retains the authority to ban certain types or kinds of wagers or ban wagers on certain sports, leagues or other activities.” Sponsors and advocates of sports betting, said this week that they have been told off the record, that sports betting could launch in Illinois in just a few weeks. The fiercest advocate for Illinois sports betting is Congressman Mike Zalewski, who said it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect sports betting in time for March Madness.


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