Illinois Sportsbooks Super Bowl Betting: For the first time in their history, Illinois gamblers can legally wager on the Super Bowl.  On February 7, 2021, the Tampa Bay Bucks will host the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. The State approved sports betting in 2019 as part of a gambling expansion bill. 

The new State law originally required bettors to register for online betting accounts at an actual casino for the first 18 months of Illinois’ sports betting market. The goal was to move slowly and cautiously into the world of online gaming with the casinos as the gatekeepers.

However, because of Covid 19 the Governor, Pritzker, has relaxed the in-person signup rule and has signed multiple executive orders temporarily enabling remote registration on mobile betting accounts. These executive orders permit people of his State to make wagers anywhere within Illinois. These orders are temporary and it is unclear how many orders the Governor will sign that relax this rule. So far, he has signed 7 orders for extensions.

Illinois Sportsbooks Super Bowl Betting: Get Registered

So,  If you live in Illinois, you can register for an online betting account without going to the Casino, at least until February 6, the day before the Big Game. That’s because the current remote registration order extends only until February 6, 2021. Everyone expects the February 6 deadline to be extended to at least include the day of the Super Bowl. 

This is especially thought to be true because Gaming Board figures show that while Sports betting has been legal in Illinois for less than a year, the Illinois betting market is off the charts! 

In fact, Illinois is now the fourth biggest betting market in the Country. Just in November, Illinois bettors put down close to $450 million dollars in sports wagers.  You can imagine that the tax revenue generated from sports betting online is huge. And betting on the Super Bowl is the biggest, most active day to bet of the year.

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Unfortunately, there are some restrictions limiting what you can actually bet on in Illinois that limits the wagerer a bit more than in other States. Super Bowls typically foster the most creative betting opportunities. People can bet on everything including half-time show gaffs and commercial content. However not in Illinois. 

A Regulatory Buzz-Kill

It has been called “a regulatory buzz-kill” by some. Apparently, there will be no betting on how many commercials will show a person wearing a mask, which bag of Frito Lays will show up first, Doritos or Cheetos, the length of the half-time show, or the color of the Gatorade. 

Apparently, the Illinois Gaming Board agency has decided that they will permit only those bets with “activity directly within the control of the NFL and/or individuals subject to the NFL integrity policy.” Marcus Fruchter, administrator of the regulatory agency said it’s “imperative that sports wagering be conducted with the highest standards of integrity, and without any appearance or possibility of potential impropriety.”

Maybe because online sports betting is somewhat new to Illinois, the novelty prop bets that make Super Bowl betting so much fun, are just too far removed from the play of actual sports to feel comfortable just yet. After all, they have relaxed the rules for registering accounts in person, perhaps to allow betting on anything outside the sport would be moving too far too fast.

Despite the restrictions, Illinois gamblers will have plenty to wager on for Super Bowl LV.  Everything related to the Game is up for grabs including the total points, the over-under, the coin flip, and more.  Pandemic weary fans are starved for some action.  

Illinois fans have been stuck inside from the crazy weather and health concerns. Super Bowl Sunday online betting is going to be nuts.  So register for an account and have some fun. Know that you are one of the lucky ones that can wager online and know it is legal.


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