The actual wages were better than originally suspected, as Indiana Wagering officials figure out the final totals. Officials are astounded at the final figures after two months of legalized sports betting took effect in the ‘Hoosier State.’ The figures for October were three times the amount of figures in September. Indiana gamblers placed wagers totaling $91.7 million dollars in October. The totals for September were $34.5 million dollars according to figures released by the Indiana Gaming Commission. Betting online and on apps began to be regulated by the state of Indiana on October 3, which brought in $48 million mobile bets for the month of October.

Indiana Collected $1 Million Dollars In Gambling Taxes In The Month Of October

Indiana legalized sports betting is off to an overwhelmingly positive start say, officials. In the month of October, the state collected $1 million dollars in gambling taxes. That is an increase from September when it collected $800,000 in gambling taxes. These figures are far below what casinos in the state brought in. Casinos’ taxable earnings in Indiana in October was $38 million and $35 million in September. A rep from the Indiana Gaming Commission said ‘casinos have been legalized in Indiana since 1995, that’s a 24 year jump on the newly cemented legalized sports betting.’ The rep says, “the numbers that legalized sports betting has brought in during the first two months of operation, has been extremely healthy.’

Football Has Generated The Most Bets In Indiana During The First Two Months

The breakdown for legalized betting has been football captured the most bets, Football had $41 million dollars in bets, with Baseball second $10.5 million in bets. The company Ameristar had half of the Indiana bets places their mobile platform. Ameristat is located in East Chicago and partners with Draftkings, was the first to launch a mobile app for sports betting in Indiana. Out of the Indiana casino bets of $46.2 million in bets, $39.4 million were made via mobile applications.

Jeff Morris a spokesperson for Ameristar and Penn National Gaming, said ‘he’s not at liberty to discuss exact amounts of wagers. However Morris said the company is extremely pleased thus far.’

Hammond Horseshoe Casino In Hammond, Indiana Is Developing An App For Sports Betting

Noel Hirsch, the Vice President of Hammond Horseshoe Casino said the casino is proud of their alliance with parent company Caesars Entertainment. Together the partnership is working on a sports betting mobile app, that will be available to their customers before the end of the year. Caesars Entertainment is the largest supplier of casinos in Indiana, they own and operate two horse track betting casinos near Indianapolis. The also own a casino Louisville, Kentucky. They also operate off track betting kiosks in Indianapolis and Clarksville. Hirsch added, “that their customers are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to place bets on apps, and be more engaged.