Lawmakers were hard at work in Kentucky, to try to block sports betting, by filing counter amendments to the current sports bill. The past week was when several anti-sports betting amendments were on the house floor. The main sponsor and author of the sports betting bill known as ‘HB 137 is Representative Adam Koenig. The Republican congressman from Erlanger is not a happy camper. Koening addressed the media on Tuesday with his complaints about his colleagues.

He said that most Republican members of Congress added at least ‘13 unfriendly to sports betting amendments. He said, ‘although in the past there have been some verbal agreements, now all of sudden they decided to throw a wrench into the entire process.’ The bill previously had passed out of a ‘house committee by an 18-0 vote. Koenig said that his bill has been passed over the house every day of the legislative session, without a valid or sound reason. The bill has 40 other co-sponsors of the bill, and almost unanimous support by Koenig’s Democratic colleagues.

The Sports Betting Bill Has The Total Support Of Governor Andy Beshear

Koening also reminded the public that the bill has ‘the full and complete support of Governor Andy Beshear. The issue says Koening, ‘is the bill is having all sorts of problems gaining traction within the Republican party, and he added, ‘he’s beyond frustrated.’ Koening and another supporter of the bill said ‘order for the bill to move forward, the majority of the GOP has to support it.’ Koenig said, “This is a Republican Caucus issue, I think it’s fair to say that if the bill has the support of the Republican party in Kentucky, it will get passed, We have to do so much work yet.”

Under the current terms of the bill, it would allow Kentucky residents to bet on sports games at authorized locations. The locations would be limited to race tracks and the Kentucky speedway. The bill also states that Kentucky residents would be able to download a sports betting app, and make bets from anywhere. The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission would oversee sports betting in the state.

Advocates Say Sports Betting Could Bring In Over $20 Million Yearly In Tax Revenues

The much-needed revenue from taxing sports betting is needed to deal with shortfalls in the education department say sponsors of the bill. A Lexington, Kentucky racetrack, Keeneland was commissioned by the state to conduct research on sports betting. The amendments that have been received, would drastically alter the current bill, and it would change the entire landscape.

The amendments submitted would increase the tax rates, which would cause the Kentucky Horse Racing Association to adhere to stricter open recorders’ requirements. The amendments also indicate that a higher rate of profits must be devoted to gambling addiction. Eight of the floor amendments were submitted by Republican Congressman Jason Petrie who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

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