According to data recently published by GWS, more and more women are joining sports betting apps daily. In fact, the amount of women on these apps has grown by around 115% since 2020, meaning that 4.6 million women joined sports betting apps in 2021 alone.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as sports betting itself is getting more and more popular each month. Although handles have been dropping over the past few months, that’s a common trend for this time of the year. Regardless, more people are betting on their favorite teams now more than ever, and that includes women.

The industry, and those who participate in it, is still dominated by men, however. Compared to the number of women, the number of male users overtakes them by over 250%. However, that number isn’t growing as quickly as the number of women is. In the same period that the female sports betting population grew by 115%, the male population grew by only 64%.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

According to statistics published by all of the online sportsbooks, FanDuel brought the most women in throughout the entirety of 2021. Specifically, 1.7 million women started using the sports betting operator in the year alone. Another operator, BetRivers, brought in 600,000 more women.

DraftKings also brought in a great number of women last year, 900,000 to be exact. This only goes to show that women have wanted in, as they make up 50% of sports fans. Companies only needed to begin marketing toward them, instead of only marketing towards men, to get women to be more active in the sports betting industry.

Not only is online sports betting becoming more popular with women, but in-person betting is as well. Women of all ages have begun to join their male partners on trips to the casino, which demonstrates that the rising in betting popularity is affecting all ages and genders.

Why Weren’t Women Betting in the First Place?

Women have been on the sidelines of sports betting for a while. Often, men will create their fantasy leagues with their friends and fail to include about their female counterparts. Many brands, including FanDuel, have also stated that they were heavily advertising toward men.

With the increased interest in sports betting seen from all groups of people over the past few years, it was only a matter of time before the industry saw a growth in female wagering.

How FanDuel Brought in the Women

According to FanDuel, the company has wanted to market itself to women for a while. In order to do so, they partnered with a female-run and female-owned sports betting company that has always marketed itself to women. This company is called The Gist.

The Gist was founded last year, and it has its own fantasy football contest, which brought tons of women into the industry. According to Sarah Butterfass, The Gist’s chief product officer, it’s been time to bring women into iGaming:

“If you look at sports fans, it’s 50 percent female, but only about 10 percent are sports betters, and so clearly it’s a huge untapped opportunity. And at the same time, The Gist had been looking for a partner to bring fantasy sports specifically to its audience in a more welcoming and accessible way. So we combined forces.”


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