The state of New Hampshire could start accepting legal sports bets soon if the current legislative atmosphere in the jurisdiction is anything to go by. NH is of the states that have been pushing for legal sports betting since the beginning of the year. But the process was slowed down by some hurdles that weren’t cleared by the House until recently.

The main obstacle to the process of legalization was lack of consensus among lawmakers on whether to include casinos in the state’s sports betting bill HB 480.

Senator Lou D’Allesandro proposed the amendment. But the legislator finally backed down after the House defeated his proposal repeatedly.

House Votes To Indefinitely Postpone Casino Bill

New Hampshire is one of the few US states without casinos, and Sen. D’allesandro has been pushing for the legalization of regulated casinos in the precinct without success. Early this year, the Senator introduced a casino gambling bill SB 310 to Senate. But it was not supported by lawmakers from both houses.

Following the defeat, the Senator proposed amendments to the current Sports Betting Bill HB 480 to include casinos. But his proposal was rejected by other legislators.

The general feeling is that the addition of casino language to HB 480 would make the bill which is in its final stages to flop.

In a bid to block any further amendments that would delay the ratification process, members of the House went ahead to vote for the indefinite postponement of the casino bill.

Senator Says He Won’t Kill Sports Betting Bill

Acknowledging the fact that his fellow legislators would not allow a casino bill to pass at this time, Sen. D’Allesandro announced that he has backed down from making any proposals that would seek to expand the current bill.

In his words, such untimely proposals would kill the sports betting at this time, and he has chosen not to do it.

Lastly, the Senator also said that he’s positive that his colleagues in the Senate would support HB 480, and the bill would sail through.

Sen. D’Allesandro may have to wait up to two years before he can reintroduce the casino bill.

Contents of the NH Sports Betting Bill

New Hampshire’s Sports Betting Bill, which is titled HB 480, seeks to authorize sports wagering in the state via the internet and land-based sportsbooks. The legal sports betting services will be available to residents of the state who are 18 years or older.

Should HB 480 become law, NH sports betting will be regulated by the Lottery Commission. Sportsbook providers will have to acquire a license from the Commission before they can start operating in the state.

The bill allows wagering on professional sports only. Bets on collegiate and high school sporting events will be illegal. Daily Fantasy Sports will also be exempted.

On the topic of online wagering, HB 480 legalizes online bets placed via computers and mobile devices. You will have to be physically located within the state to place a bet. The bill also embraces PayPal, ACH, and Debit Cards as legal methods of payment.