Louisiana Sports Betting Approval – As the state of Arizona makes a giant leap in making sports betting legal in the state. Many other states are doing the same as they see the potential revenue and tourists each state could bring in. With this new trend of new states entering the market seemingly weekly, the state of Louisana has joined the mix.

The Pelican State is getting closer to approving the legalization of sports betting. US Sports bettors and potential new customers in the industry in the state by the Fall if the governor approves the two bills after they passed through the Senate and the House.


On Thursday, the House voted 78-15 in favor of Senate Bill 247. If Senate Bill 247 is signed into law, facilities will be required to hold gaming licenses to conduct business for the state to offer sports betting wagers, limit the number of gaming license recipients, and authorizing wagering limitations in certain scenarios.

But the road to get there is harder than most expected. Rep. John Stefanski, the House sponsor of the Senate-passed legislation, attached last-minute amendments that he said were to be worked out with Senate sponsors. This could only mean one thing which is the measure needs to return to the upper chamber so the additional words in the document go hand and hand and if both sides can agree to the additional language brought forward.

The Senate had already passed the bill 31-6. The bill would allow both mobile and retail betting. This would allow about 40 reputable sportsbooks to enter the Louisana market for sports bettors to choose from. The quicker the necessary can be agreed on the sooner these apps will be available to the public.

According to the bill’s breakdown. Twenty of these licenses will be issued to the companies that will operate the sportsbooks in the state. The Louisiana Gaming Control Board will first consider applications from the one land-based casino. This includes fifteen riverboats and the four racetracks that will be operating in the state.


Under the bill, sports bettors can place wagers on multiple sports if the individuals are 21 and over. Players will be able to place wagers on their mobile devices, at kiosks in bars and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages, and of course casinos.

This is huge for the state as the sooner these sportsbooks are available to the public, the state can be ready for Week 1 of the NFL season. Everyone in the country knows that the state of Louisana is home to some of the most passionate football fans in the country, most notably the fanbase of the New Orleans Saints and the LSU Tigers.

Also, the additional document that is huge is House Bill 697. This bill revolves around setting up taxes and fees, that bill was passed last week and is waiting for approval by Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Louisiana’s market should be great as the state is home to the 25th largest population in the United States. Previously, Louisiana voted in favor of legalized sports betting in 2020, gaining support from 55 of the state’s 64 parishes. The executive director at the Louisiana Casino Association, Wade Duty, stated, “It should come together fairly quickly.”

What state do you think will be next in legalizing sports gambling?

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