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Michigan Aims For Sports Betting Launch In Time For March Madness

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Michigan Aims For Sports Betting Launch In Time For March Madness. Find out the latest here!

Michigan has had some bumps in the road, when it comes to online sports betting. Proponents of legalized sports betting are refining their bills and arguments, for the new legislative session in Michigan.  The advocates that are trying hard to get sports betting online and launched are hoping that March 2020 brings about some extra madness. The sports betting bill that has been bounced around is expected to be signed by the end of December 2019. However, it more than likely won’t be up and running in time for the NFL championship game in February.

The man that is credited with getting sports betting as far as it has in Michigan is Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. Hertel says that although he doesn’t believe the sports betting will be online for the NFL, he hopes that casinos will be able to launch retail sports books in Michigan in time for March Madness. Hertel said ‘hoping or anything in time for the Super Bowl is a stretch, but March Madness has been the long term goal.

Michigan Fans Are Known For Their Overzealous Love Of College Basketball

College basketball is much loved all over the Midwest and other parts of the country. However Michigan fans are one would say, ‘ a little over the top when it comes to college basketball.’ Sport betting providers are counting on sports betting to be launched before March Madness.

Hertel is a graduate of Michigan State University, the Associated Press puts Michigan State and the University of Michigan in the top 25. Hertel said ‘it’s just fitting that sports betting launches right around March Madness, since Michigan has such huge fans of college basketball. In 2020 the NCAA Tournament will be starting on March 17. Indiana and Iowa who started sports betting in 2019 were able to get retail locations up and running in time or the NFL season.

Michigan’s Goal Of March Madness Kick Off For Sports Betting Is Worthy Say Experts

In order for sports betting to be given the green light in time for March Madness in Michigan, a few steps have to be taken first. Three casinos have to be cleared by the Michigan Gaming Control board, in order to be able to take sports bets on their properties. Inquirers as to when get sent over to Hertel, who says online and mobile device wagers will certainly take longer to be up and running.

This is the norm for most states have started sports betting. There have been a few exceptions, Iowa launched online and retail sports betting at the same time. In Indiana, it took a month longer to get online sports betting up and running. Hertel and others have said online sports betting is a little more complicated than retail locations. It’s natural that they say that it would take longer for online sports betting to go live.

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