Michigan’s sports betting has been delayed, and fans have voiced their disappointment. The news came out on Friday, that there may not be an official launch until 2021. It wasn’t all bad news though, there is a bit of a ray of sunshine. In house sports betting at casinos will probably start this spring in Michigan. The Regulatory Agency of Michigan will be overseeing sports betting in the state.

They this week that sports betting that takes place at casinos or other authorized gaming establishments will start in April. The agency said there are many more issues that have to be figured out before online betting gets the green light. Another agency that has a hand in decisions regarding sports betting is, ‘Michigan Gaming Control Board.(MGCB)’ Mary Kay Bean is a spokesperson for the MGCB, said that it will take at least a year to finalize all of the many rules and regulations concerning online betting.

According To The Michigan Gaming Control Board Issues Are Being Worked Out Constantly

Bean pointed out that, all of the issues have to be taken care of before the rollout. Bean said it certain locations, there have been problems, and the online betting had to cease operating after it already launched. Bean revealed this week, that are hundreds of rules and laws that have to be addressed. This is all centered around the ability of three casinos in Detroit and 24 tribal-owned casinos in Michigan, to have the ability to offer mobile sports betting. Another area that is being addressed in addition to online sports betting is daily fantasy sports betting.

According to Bean, that will also take a year to finalize. Bean said this week, that the goal of MGCB is to be able to have sports betting at the three commercial casinos this spring. Sports betting providers were very hopeful that everything would be up and running in time for March Madness. This is encouraging news to some because it is the first time that the MGCB announced an actual time frame.

Michigan Officials Say The Process Can’t Be Rush Because That’s How Mistakes Are Made

Bean explained during a press conference, “We are a very early stage of this process. The agency must establish several sets of administrative rules. These various rules must pass through many levels of review. The timing of implementation depends not only on our agency but also decisions other departments, agencies, and the Legislature make along the way.” Back in October of 2019, the MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit opened a $6 million dollar sports bar.

The bar will have special windows where players can make their sports bets. They have also installed self-service sports betting kiosks around the bar and casino. A spokesperson for the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel, said, ‘we are completely ready as soon as Michigan lawmakers give us the all-clear.’ Even once the lawmakers sign off on everything, that is when the first licenses can be processed. Currently, the agency is not accepting licenses, since it hasn’t been ok’d yet.

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