Michael Waltrip,56, a native of Kentucky and owner of Michael Waltrip Racing, thinks legal sports betting would be good for the state he still calls home. Waltrip is a two-time winner of the Daytona 500, was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. He has recorded radio spots advocating for the advancement of a sports betting bill in the ‘Bluegrass State.’ Waltrip, said it’s time ‘Kentucky got with the program,’ because several nearby states have sports betting. He said his home state is in desperate need of the revenue legalized sports betting would bring in.

West Virginia and Indiana both have online sports betting and betting at authorized retail outlets. Tennessee and Illinois are still fine-tuning certain rules related to sports betting before they accept applications. The new commercials Waltrip is starring in says, “They’ve acted we haven’t.” Waltrip goes on, “That means millions of dollars of revenue that could be going to our state, are going across state lines.”  Sports betting advocate Michael Waltrip

The New Ads Include Numbers For People To Call Their Lawmakers & Tell Them Their Position

The new Waltrip ads have phone numbers that direct people to call their lawmakers and let them know how they feel about sports betting. Waltrip said, ‘if the House and State Representatives hear from the people, I and others are hoping it has an impact.’ Proponents of sports betting say that it more than likely would bring in over $23 million a year in profits, That money is desperately needed in state pension and to raise the salaries of school teachers. Supporters of the sports bill are very hopeful that it will pass this month.

Lawmakers will be gathering on Tuesday in Frankfort, Kentucky to address the sports bill and other state issues. There could be a vote on the sports betting as early as Tuesday or later this week. According to a legislative source, the bill has had two readings on the floor. It will need a third reading before it can advance. That third reading is expected this week according to bill sponsor, Representative Adam Koening a Republican from Erlanger, Kentucky.

It’s Too Late For Super Bowl Sports Betting in Kentucky but More Sports Ahead

Koening said, “unfortunately due to the feet dragging, it’s too late for the Super Bowl, but as everyone knows there are a lot of sporting events this year.’ Koening who wrote the sports bill and has been it’s a nonstop warrior is one of many supporters of the bill.

There are over 35 lawmakers from both parties that have openly supported sports betting. There are 100 members of the House in Kentucky, the bill needs a simple majority for it to move forward. Once it gets the necessary votes, it would go to Governor Andy Beshear, for his signature. Beshear has been openly supportive of sports betting is legal in Kentucky. Sports betting would commence at the state’s horse tracks, and at some point, online betting would also be offered.


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