Every few days another huge company wants in on the bank being made by sports betting providers. NBC is now putting a dog in the race so to speak, and an NBC source reported to the APP that they are in talks. Deloitte Accounting predicts consumers in the US will shell out over $300 billion dollars by the end of 2020. Those are the type of numbers that can not be ignored by Fortune Five hundred companies. NBC has been dabbling in the peripheral of the sports betting industry.

In December of 2018, NBC launched a ‘sports predictor app.’ The app allowed players who correctly predicted the winners of soccer games to win money. There were five games over one weekend that players could make predictions. The event was a tremendous success, and according to an NBC source, since that event, NBC has been weighing their options. Although the sports predictor APP was supposed to be in use for a limited time, it lives on.NBC sports betting

NBC Looking To Expand Their Predictor App To Full On Sports Betting

The NBC sports predictor app, now expanded to NASCAR, the NFL, and PGA, the total prize money is given out has been $3 million. Dan Pozner is the director of Sports Content at NBC. Pozner said everything including the predictor app and future sports betting apps are in the infancy stages of planning. Pozner revealed that two-thirds of the prize money was awarded to players that answered questions about performance in the NFL. Pozner said, “We launched NBC Sports predictor app after looking at our partners in the U.K. We also looked at Sky Sports and the success they had with Sky Sports Super 6 used for the Premier League.

Millions of people play Super 6 every weekend, so we thought it would be a great way to complement our Premier League rights in the U.S.” The NBC predictor app has been a huge success for NBC so much so, that over 1 million people have set up accounts for it.

Over Half Of NBC Predictor App Accounts Play The One Game Offered On It

What NBC has concluded, is that the NBC predictor app has a steady stream of players, with no sign of letting up. An NBC Sports Rep said most people that have app accounts, go on the site and check it more than 7 times a week. The strategy NBC has used with keeping players and gaining new ones is to hand out a generous payout weekly. NBC reps say they are in a very good position to be a leader when it comes to sports betting. They have the greatest minds with it comes to sports betting coders working on their team.

They strongly believe that they could become a leading contender in the burgeoning new gaming industry. Pozner said ‘it’s a very exciting time st NBC” due to all the major innovations they will be rolling out soon.


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