Gaming officials in New Hampshire are quite pleased with the net profits the state has collected after the first month of sports betting. The New Hampshire Lottery overseas sports betting in the state. Officials said their first month of sports betting, online and in casinos have exceeded all of their initial expectations.

New Hampshire partnered up with giant sports betting provider DraftKings right before the official launch. Since that time 30,000 people in the state registered to get sports betting accounts. The sports wagers after one month were very impressive at $17.3, million dollars. These numbers come in as the state prepares for its first Super Bowl with legalized sports betting. The net profits from the first month of sports betting was $1. 2 million which is earmarked or the educational system in the state. Lottery officials said these numbers are staggering considering the population of the state is around 1.4 million people.

New Hampshire Lottery Officials Expect At Least $3 Million On Sports Bets For Super Bowl

New Hampshire lottery officials are expecting Super Bowl Sunday to bring in at least $3 million dollars in wagers. The director of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission Charlie McIntyre said,” Our fervent hope is that our first physical locations are up and running in six to eight weeks.”

These locations would be in addition to the casinos and online gambling. McIntyre said that the commission has been focusing on the NCAA Basketball Tournament, also known as ‘March Madness.’ McIntyre and the commission is hoping to have physical sports betting locations available for customers to place their bets and ‘enjoy a sports environment.’ McIntyre said that for the Super Bowl, they will only be accepting sports bets online, and the person making the bet must be physically located in New Hampshire. A special unit within the Lottery Commission has been assembled to monitor where in the state the sports bets are being mace from.

New Hampshire Lottery Commission:  A Lot Of Sports Bets Are Placed From The Borders

The special unit revealed that many of the bets being places are coming from the border locations of the state. A spokesperson for the unit. “We noticed that the most prevalent wagering activity is on our borders. We believe a significant portion, perhaps a majority of our wagering is coming from out of state. All three states that we boarder with.” Lottery Commissioner McIntyre said, ‘a huge amount of bets are being made where the state borders with Massachusetts.

A person would just have to step or drive over the line and they can place a bet in New Hampshire. There is one location, in particular, that is seeing a steady stream of activity. The Pleasant Mall in Nashua, New Hampshire, is quite busy with players placing sports bets. McIntyre said, there is also no sales tax in New Hampshire, so people stopping at the mall on their way home from work, placing bets, shopping and heading for home.

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