New Hampshire is the latest state to join the regulated American sports betting market.

On Friday, Gov. Chris Sununu signed the state’s sports gambling bill into law, paving the way for legal wagering in the jurisdiction. The bill, HB 480, cleared both chambers of the New Hampshire legislature around mid-June, but it took about a month to get it on the Governor’s desk.

Speaking at the New Hampshire Lottery headquarters during the event, Gov. Sununu said that he is looking forward to placing the first legal bet when operations begin. The legislator proceeded to cut a cake decorated with dollar signs to mark the important occasion.

Governor Sununu’s signature makes New Hampshire the sixth state to legalize regulated wagering since the beginning of the year. The fifth state to endorse legal sports betting this year was Illinois.

New Hampshire Lottery to oversee wagering in the state

The enabling law, HB 480, gives the New Hampshire Lottery the mandate to regulate sports betting in the precinct. The Lottery will exercise this directive through the Division of Sports Wagering, which will be created according to provisions of the new legislation.

During the Friday occasion, the Governor expressed confidence in the ability of the state Lottery Commission to do the job, saying that the organization knows just what to do to get the industry off the ground.

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However, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission will not enjoy the monopoly of the market as is the case in DC since the state chose to embrace a competitive licensing framework.

New Hampshire sports betting authorizes multiple operators

The newly enacted New Hampshire sports gambling act allows the Division of Sports Wagering to license multiple operators for both retail and online sports betting.

Under the law, the regulatory body will permit as many as 10 retail sportsbooks to offer on-site wagering to residents of the jurisdiction. In addition, the rule allows up to five mobile operators who will accept legal bets through an online platform.

The state lottery is also authorized to offer wagering services through sports betting kiosks.

The presence of multiple operators in the jurisdiction will open the New Hampshire market up to competition, which will be a win for both bettors and the state government.

The regulator is expected to start issuing licenses in January, and the timeline for the rollout of operations is July 1, 2020.

The issue of in-play wagering

The newly approved New Hampshire sports betting bill does not allow in-play bets at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. However, bettors will be able to place live wagers on various sporting events through mobile apps.

It is also important to note that the law does not compel mobile operators to use official league data for in-play wagering purposes.

What to expect when operations begin

New Hampshire sports betting will be open to residents of the state or visitors who are at least 18 years of age. Bettors will be allowed to register remotely, but you will have to be physically located within the jurisdiction to place an online bet.

Licensees will be allowed to offer a variety of bet types including outright wagers on professional sports teams and some collegiate events taking place outside the jurisdiction, as long as none of the participating college teams are based in New Hampshire.

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