It’s good news all the way for bettors in New Hampshire.

Last week, members of the New Hampshire House voted to approve minor changes to the state’s sports betting bill that seeks to bring legal wagering to the jurisdiction early next year. The changes were proposed by the Senate, forcing the bill back to the chamber of origin for concurrence.

With the approval of the House, HB 480 is now on its way to Gov. Chris Sununu‘s desk, where he is expected to sign it into law. The governor is certain to sign the bill, given that he has already included from sports wagering in the state budget.

State to allow multiple operators

The latest amendments to HB 480 allow the state to license multiple sports betting operators.

The regulatory body will be authorized to license as many as 10 retail sportsbooks. Under the bill, retail wagering services will be launched in any city or town within the jurisdiction as long as residents of that area approve of the location through a public vote.

HB 480 also paves the way for up to five online-only operators, who will be allowed to offer outright bets, in-play wagering, and other betting markets to New Hampshire bettors through a mobile platform.

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In addition, the state lottery will be allowed to operate sports betting kiosks across the precinct.

The licenses will be issued by the Division of Sports Wagering, which will be incorporated under the New Hampshire Lottery Commission.

How will North Hampshire sports betting look?

Once enacted, the legislation will allow residents of the state who are at least 18 years of age to place a legal bet at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, or through a mobile app. With mobile wagering, bettors will be able to register remotely, but the operator will be required to verify the age and location of the customer before they can place a bet.

New Hampshire sportsbooks will accept wagers on sports competitions involving professional leagues and college teams. However, the operators will not be allowed to offer bets on collegiate sports tournaments if the event is taking place within the state or if a New Hampshire-based college team is participating in the competition. The regulation also rules out bets on high school sporting events.

In respect to sports betting data, licensees will not be free to choose whether to acquire wagering data from the official sports leagues or third parties. Also, the regulation does not compel operators to pay integrity fees to sporting organizations.

Gambling-related problems to be addressed

In the run-up to the ratification of the bill, a majority of those who were opposed to sports betting said that they were worried that the law would fuel gambling-related problems in the state.

HB 480 addresses this concern by making a provision for the creation of a Council for Responsible Gambling.

The council will advocate for the well-being of New Hampshire bettors through educational campaigns aimed at preventing gambling addiction. There is also a provision for the treatment of those with gambling-related problems.

The council will receive up to $250,000 annually to execute its mandate.

Besides that, operators will be required to set daily, weekly, and monthly limits for wagers to help promote responsible wagering. Also, licensees will be required to offer self-exclusion programs to bettors who feel that they have gambling problems.

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