On Wednesday and Thursday, residents of The Granite State that live near the border of Maine, are reporting that there is a New Hampshire sports betting glitch that is not allowing them to place sports bets.

The way these sports betting apps work, is that a person must be physically located where sports betting is allowed when placing a bet. The Governor of Maine recently vetoed a sports betting bill, dashing the hopes of advocates for the bill.

According to players, they are getting a message when going on the sports betting app from DraftKings. They are seeing a message error on their screens that says ‘the person’s location can not be verified.’ Some people are getting messages that say, ‘try again later.’

Several said they adjusted their location, so they would be further away from the border, and are still getting the message error. Most users in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, are reporting that they can not place bets on the DraftKings app.

This New Hampshire Sports Betting Glitch Is Costing a Fortune

Bethany Hayes the manager of TJ’s Food & Spirits, located in Portsmouth, said when the app is used from the restaurant, the message reads’ It’s a state-regulated issue.’ Hayes took the initiative to walk the surrounding neighborhood.

She said she was able to find a good spot three blocks from the bar, where the app was working fine, ‘without any issues.’ Hayes pointed out that right now, being in the middle of winter, and temperatures in the teens it’s an issue. Also, it being the AFC Championship weekend, it’s a huge issue. Portsmouth residents have been flooding the DraftKings switchboard with complaints.

A big complaint centers around the fact that hot spots and dead zones continue to differ. A resident said, on Monday the app may work in my living room, but Tuesday it doesn’t.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire and advocates of sports betting were hoping for a huge payday with the legalization of sports betting. The state of New Hampshire is on course to receive 50% of the sports betting revenue for state agencies. New hampshire sports betting glitch

Governor Said Convenience Is The Key To Success

The Governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu said last year, “Ensuring that anyone anywhere and everywhere in New Hampshire can place a bet is critical.”

New Hampshire has been seeing a very healthy reaction to sports betting. With neighboring states Maine and Massachusetts vetoing sports betting, nearby New Hampshire is getting a lot of action from those states.

The Governor places the first legal sports bet in New Hampshire on December 30th, 2019. He contemplated how much he should bet on the New England Patriots. He chose the to bet  $83 dollars on the game, because he was the 83rd governor of the state.

The Lottery Commission in New Hampshire that regulates sports betting is aware of the DraftKing app glitch. An official with DraftKings said the company is aware of the New Hampshire sports betting glitch which mostly is happening on cell phone, the official said. Anyone with ongoing issues should contact Draftings directly.

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