A new sports betting bill passed an important milestone on Friday in Massachusetts. The bill would allow people to make bets on Division 1 college games and professional games. The bill allows people to set up accounts and use mobile devices including phones to make their sports bets. The person setting up the account has to be at least 21 years of age, and be physically located in Massachusetts when setting up the account and placing bets.

The details of this bill were released by the Massachusetts legislature on Friday, after a culmination of research that was conducted for over a year. It has been determined that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will oversee the state’s sports betting. The commission will be in charge of fine-tuning all the rules and regulations for sports betting before it actually launches. The Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, (JCEDET) will also have some input on how the sports betting industry will evolve in the state.

The JCEDET Wants A Vast Ecosystem Of Gambling That Would Operate In The State

The JCEDET has huge plans for sports betting in Massachusetts that would involve sports betting at the one casino in the state, and available at all race tracks and at live horse racing events. They are already in talks with five different sports betting providers to seal a deal regarding online sports betting. Rhode Island and New Hampshire already have launched sports betting, and ‘The Bay State’ has been contemplating legalizing sports betting ever since the Supreme Court ruled that a ban on sports betting was unconstitutional in 2018.

However, advocates of sports betting in the state, say lawmakers haven’t moved fast enough to legalize it. They say many locals cross state lines regularly to place bets, which is costing the state money. The Chairwoman of the committee that conducted research on sports betting is, Congresswoman Ann-Magarete Ferrante. She weighed in on the bill passing the first phase, “We didn’t rush this process.”

Lawmakers In The State Say They Took Things Slow To Make Sure They Get It Right

Ferrante went on to explain, “We took a very deliberate approach. We recognize that there are goals to this legislation and above all else was to protect the consumer and the taxpayer. We always said that we wanted to be in the black on this bill and not suffer like other states have done.” She went on to say that other states who have had issues, didn’t take their time with their bills and rushed things.

She said ‘with this much money on the line, it can’t be rushed, when it’s rushed that’s when huge mistakes are made, costly mistakes.’ Ferrante also said that protecting athletes was very important to the committee that poured over research for over a year. She said in the past bets were made on dogs and horses, now betting on games that involve professional and college athletes have a lot more issues than betting on animals.

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