According to a new report from the ‘Buffalo News’ a new court ruling has left online sports betting in the ‘Empire State’ uncertain. A court ruling in Albany declared, daily fantasy sports betting, ‘illegal.’ Gaming experts say that this ruling has put the much more profitable sports betting in peril. Sports betting has had major obstacles to overcome in the state, so this ruling is throwing some more logs on the fire. Albany lawyer Cornelius Murray has represented several residents who oppose legal sports betting in New York.

Murray said on Monday, “I think we get a little more credibility with our arguments because we won the daily fantasy sports case. People on both sides of the sports betting argument have said that daily fantasy sports is a completely different animal than legal sports betting. The main issue according to gaming experts, is that the legal issues are very different with online sports betting. Last week a higher court in New York overturned a 2016 ruling concerning daily fantasy sports. Part of the ruling said that the New York Legislator overstepped its boundaries when they declared that daily fantasy sports is not gambling.’

Both Sides Of The Sports Betting Argument Are Digging Their Heels In & Are Ready To Fight

Further statements in the latest ruling said, “the Legislator does not have unfettered discretion to say what it is, and is not gambling.” The ruling went on to explain who had the power to decide classifications such as specific gambling. The ruling stated that the power to decide what category is done by the constitutional amendment process and by the voters. There have been fifth teen different sports betting providers in New York that provided access to the daily fantasy sports in the last four years.

Two of those providers are mega giants DraftKings and FanDuel, who said on Monday they had no prior notice that this ruling would happen. Proponents are saying that the real prize or sports betting providers and betters is the ability to place bets online. Currently, that can only be done in person at a casino or authorized sports betting location. Sports betting providers that closely monitor actively in next neighbor New Jersey say the profits are in online sports betting

Sports Betting Advocates Want The Program Extended

Democratic New York Senator Joseph Addabbo of Queens, has been the biggest proponents of sports betting in the state. He wrote the bill for online sports betting in the state, and has been the most vocal supporter of the bill. Addabbo granted an interview over the weekend regarding where the bill he sponsored stands now. Addabbo said that lumping ‘online sports betting into the same category with daily fantasy sports is like ‘comparing oranges and apples. Both have completely different legal implications.

A huge difference Addabbo said with sports betting, the server must be located in a casino, and then bets can be taken on devices online. The Senator said it’s completely legal if the server is physically located in casinos or other licensed locations. One thing says Addabbo has nothing to do with the other.