The National Football League has been in contact with top-notch head hunters, this week. As they try to fill a newly created position in the NFL, Vice President of Sports Betting. According to the job description sent out to headhunters, there are four areas the new VP will concentrate on.

The vice president will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the game as sports betting progresses. The VP will also be charged with growing the NFL brand and protecting its reputation. The job also entails getting more fans involved with sports betting and expanding the NFL’s IP and data related to sports betting. The NFL quickly realized the expanding sports betting industry elected to be a part of it early on. They partnered last year with sports betting provider, Sportsradar.  Although the NFL is warmly embracing all things sports betting, they weren’t the first professional league to come on board.

The MLB & The NBA Already Has A VP Of Sports Betting In Place

The NFL dragged its feet at first when it came to sports betting, by namely voicing concerns about integrity. The MLB and NASCAR and NBA already have a vice president of sports betting in place. The PGA is expected to hire a VP of sports betting in the coming months. Things have developed rather quickly in the land of the NFL, as they now have a gaming partner at a casino. They have a team of NFL personnel that is based out of Las Vegas, NV and now they are actively looking to fill a VP of sports betting position.

An expert on sports said it’s a sign that the NFL is completely immersed in this new arm of gambling. They want to be ‘leading the pack when it comes to sports’ the expert said. The VP job description suggests that the VP will work in concert with the media department. They will work on increasing content in different gaming platforms throughout the NFL. That was something in years past the NFL was not involved with. The NFL chief strategy and growth officer Christopher Halpin will oversee the new vice president and work in concert with that person.

American Gaming Association  Said The Super Bowl Took In Nearly $7 Billion In Sports Bets

Data shows that over 40% of new customers who signed up for sports betting placed their bets on sportsbooks powered by Kambi in 2019. During the NFL official season the number of new customers rose to 50%. The NFL has basically done a 180 regarding their position on sports betting, with it now a given that the league engages in it and profits from it. More than two dozen states have legalized sports betting up and running. This year six to a dozen more states are believed to be throwing their hat into the ring in 2020. A gaming expert said, ‘I didn’t take a lot to make the NFL realize that kind of profits they would be missing out on if they didn’t embrace sports betting.