Governor Mike DeWine Is At Odds With State Legislators About Who Would Regulate Sports Betting:

The Republican Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine,72, has issued a stern request to the lawmakers of Ohio. He wants the state he governs to have legalized sports betting, and he wants a bill passed that can be voted on in 2020. Governor DeWine’s press secretary, Dan Tierney, said that DeWine believes legalizing sports betting is good for Ohio. He ‘wants it on the 2020 ballot one way or the other Tierney said. There has been some back and forth between DeWine and the legislators, regarding who exactly would regulating legal sports betting.

DeWine Is Trying To Iron Out The Details Of A Bill That Would Allow Legal Sports Betting

The Ohio legislators have been in discussions with the Governor about what their neighbors in Michigan are doing. Governor Gretechen Whitmer of Michigan said she would veto the bill that has already passed in the Michigan House. DeWine has publicly said he’s not concerned about what goes on in Michigan. Adding that  Michigan has their own issues, he has to be concerned only about the people of Ohio’. DeWine, a former attorney assumed office in January of 2019, after former presidential candidate Governor John Kasich finished two terms. In the ‘Ohio Sports Betting debate’

DeWine believes that the best shot is through the legislative process.

The Process Of Putting The Bill On The Ballot By The Citizens Of Ohio Is Very Easy
DeWine says he’s concerned about the bill being on the ballot, in spite of the fact that it’s a fairly simple process. DeWine has said that there seems to be too many special interest groups involved in the decision to get the bill on the 2020 ballot. The governor has his detractors, they say that DeWine is the last person in the state of Ohio that should weigh in on the issue. A source said DeWine’s family owns the ‘Asheville Tourists, a minor league baseball team. The source said, “of course he wants legalized sports betting he owns a baseball team, it’s a clear case of conflict of interests, and he should recuse himself from the matter.’” DeWine said ‘his only interests is for the prosperity of Ohio.’ He wants the General Assembly to put the bill on the ballot.

The Governor Says He Wants The Sports Betting Bill To Be Handled By Elected Officials

Press secretary Tierney explained the issue further, “What we often see in Ohio is third parties with a vested interest in putting forward ballot initiatives. These initiatives usually have language that indicates sweetheart language, or language very beneficial to their industry. The legislature is in the best position to put forth neutral public policy. Therefore the governor wants the legislature to do it. As opposed to someone trying to establish regulations from a ballot process that tends to benefit special interests.” DeWine is in favor of the Casino Control Commission to regulate legal sports betting. All sides will meet in December to further the discussions about regulations.