Owners and CEOs of the Atlanta Braves, Hawks, Falcons and Atlanta United have been standing in unison on a very important issue to them. Legalized sports betting in Georgia, however the road for them has been a very rocky one. The teams called an emergency meeting, and drafted a letter that all team management has signed. The letter is addressed to Georgia lawmakers. It’s imploring them to revisit the issue of legalized sports betting in Georgia. The Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance (GPSIA) have also included remarks in the letter. The GPSIA relays statics about illegal betting in the  “Peach State” has the dubious distinction of being the 12th largest state for illegal sports betting. A problem the GPSIA says must be addressed immediately.

The GPSIA & Professional Sports Teams Say That Sports Betting Must Be Regulated In GA

The letter outlines a decades-long problem of illegal betting in the state, one that opens up a pandora’s box of other illegal activities. Team leaders and the GPSIA are united in their belief that in spite of new laws that paved the way for legalized betting, it has still stalled. The letter says, ‘the new law, has strict regulations and guidelines, and when followed, will honor the integrity of all professional sports teams in Georgia. The team leaders say that legalized sports betting and mobile applications will bring in much-needed revenue to the state. The GPSIA also addressed the needs of  younger fans, They believe it’s paramount to introduce mobile gaming to the new legions of fans that are comfortable with that platform. It will keep them engaged and entertained’ the letter states.

Team Leaders In Georgia Say They Do Not Support Betting On College Sports

A big snag for the pro sports teams in Atlanta and the rest of the state is University officials. They think legalizing sports betting will be a gateway for betting on college sports games. However, the team leaders and owners, say ‘that is nonsense and they have nothing to do with college sports.’ Right now laws in 13 states have passed making sports betting legal. There are another 35 states that are analyzing passing legalized betting, say team officials. Team leaders have also lambasted state officials, by saying there is a ‘cancer out of control in the state’ when it comes to illegal betting. It’s estimated that yearly $1.5 billion dollars of illegal betting go on the underground. The letter says, “this illegal betting is cancer that must be disinfected.’

The Question Of Betting In Georgia Is Will It Be Done Legally Or Illegally?

Team owners say the question of betting in Georgia or any other state for that matter, is that betting on sports games ‘will go on.’ Owners say, ‘do we want the bets to be placed in a controlled regulated environment where the integrity of all games can be maintained. That say proponents of legalized sports betting should be the goal of everyone. Team owners also say, legalized sports betting not only protects the integrity of all athletes but consumers.’