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Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder Talks Sports Betting With Maryland Lawmakers

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Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder Talks Sports Betting With Maryland Lawmakers. FInd out what he is up to!

According to new reporting from ‘CBS Sports’ the Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has been contemplating building a new stadium for quite some time. Snyder has been having meetings with several Maryland lawmakers to discuss the future and sports betting. Maryland Senator Guy Guzzone currently is the Chairman of the Maryland Senate’s budget committee.

Daniel Snyder Meetings

Guzzone said this week that Snyder has been involved in several meetings with lawmakers to discuss his future plans. Snyder reportedly told Maryland lawmakers that he would like to be included in any talks that involve in sports betting. Currently, the Redskins play their home games at the  FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. The Redskins executives have been discussing new locations in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia with local officials in those areas. The team will be ready to relocate to a new stadium once their lease expires in 2027. There has been talk that they may make an early exit from FedEx Field. Synder has to clear some hurdles before he plans any sports betting wise.

Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C. Have Yet To Legalize Sports Betting

The locations Snyder is considering for the new Redskins stadium still does not have sports betting up and running. That is a real hurdle for Daniel Snyder and others that has to be ironed before further plans can be cemented. Senator Guzzone said he believes all the talks about sports betting has been very positive. He went on to say that he sees sports betting becoming legal in Maryland in the next year or two. According to sous, Synder has been doing is diligence, to secure a prime location for the new stadium.

Snyder has said, that no matter what they will not sign a new lease at FedEx stadium for a variety of reasons. Prior to the Redskins playing at FedEx Field, they played at the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium near the Capitol in D.C. Advocates for sports betting in Maryland say that it could bring in millions of dollars in revenue as other states have seen.

Analysts In Maryland Have Said They Believe Sports Betting Could Bring In $35 Million

Sports betting analysts in Maryland are saying that they believe $35 million could be brought into the state annually. The money could go to the public school system, which needs an entire overhaul according to local officials. A source said, “We know what other states are making in profits from sports betting. This is just in a relatively short span of time too. We here in Maryland could very much benefit from the added revenue, and we must stay in step with our neighbors.

A source with knowledge of the ongoing talks between Daniel Snyder and lawmakers, say it’s his goal to have their new stadium equipped with sports betting capabilities. He believes by the time the new stadium is built and the team moves sports betting will be available for their fans.

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