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This week, a sports betting bill in South Dakota was approved by a Senate Committee. This allows the bill to continue to pass through the South Dakota Legislators. This very important step was necessary for the bill to be on the November ballot, and let voters decide. If voters approve the bill, there are still other steps that the bill must go through.

South Dakota lawmakers would have the final say, as to whether sports betting becomes legal in the state.
Other issues that have to be considered are if there would be South Dakota sports betting kiosks, separate and apart from casinos. Lawmakers would have to decide if online sports betting would be allowed, and also what games can people place bets on. If everything goes as sponsors of the bill hope, sports betting would be in place in 2021, The first locations where sports betting would be allowed in the state is Deadwood, South Dakota, where there are already casinos.

Native Tribes & Commercial Casinos & Others Would Benefit If Sports Betting LaunchesSouth Dakota sports betting

The sports betting bill is known as ‘SRJ 501’ was written and is sponsored by Congressman Bob Ewing of Spearfish, South Dakota. There are still some Senate Committees that the bill has to go through in the coming week, but it is expected to move past the Senate level. There are some issues with who would control the mobile sports betting. Native American Tribes in South Dakota have expressed an interest in keeping all of the online betting in their jurisdiction. However others said, that isn’t fair, there are several businesses and individuals that have expressed an interest in owning sports betting providers.

Some states have had Native American tribes successfully being able to keep a monopoly on gambling including sports betting. However lawmakers in South Dakota say they will file lawsuits against any Native American tribes that try to lock others out from the sports betting opportunity. According to reports, thousands of South Dakota residents are calling their lawmakers and urging them to keep the sports betting bill moving forward. A legal analysis Daniel Wallach is working with the Senate to try to get the sports betting bill passed.

Sports Betting Would Be A huge Benefit For South Dakota As Nearby States Are Cleaning Up

South Dakota Congressman Bob Ewing, who is sponsor of the bill and advocates for it very aggressively. Ewing believes that the long South Dakota waits on passing the bill, the more losses the state incurs. Ewing says, “we could really make a ton of money from sports betting. Every state that has up and running is benefiting heavily. We have so much need here in our state. For schools for infrastructure, the money could have been used already if those dragging their feet would just stop.’ Ewing points out the state’s neighbor to the East, Iowa. Ewing said their sports betting has been extremely successful. In just one month they brought in just under $2 million for their state.


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