The President of the Seneca Nation, Ricky Armstrong was able to place a legal bet on the Buffalo Bills on Friday. Armstrong placed a $40 dollar bet for his beloved Bills to beat the Steelers. That was how legalized sports betting was ushered into the Senaca Creek Casino, in Buffalo, New York. The frigid temperatures couldn’t keep the customers away, who were very eager to be part of the historic day in sports betting.

Many other bets followed Armstrong’s, as guests could bet on everything from hockey to football, and mixed martial arts. The only sport that didn’t a green light in New York for betting was horse racing. New Yorkers were able to bet on various sports this year, and now sports betting has been welcomed into Buffalo, located in downtown Buffalo. The group that owns and operates the casino, ‘Seneca Gaming Corps’ said they have plans for expansion at their Niagara Falls and Salamanca locations.

Betters Have To Be On The Physical Sites That Are Authorized To Take Sports Bets

Customers in Buffalo must be on the premises of the casino to place their bets. There are kiosks located in the casino and areas where staff are located to take bets. Customers can make wagers on mobile devices when they set up a mobile account. However, the bets still must be placed when the customer is physically onsite.

According to Armstrong, ‘brick and mortar’ sports betting, will bring in substantial profits.’ He added the full-fledged online betting, is the proverbial golden ring. He hopes to usher it into Buffalo next year through ‘legislation’ Armstrong said. The Seneca nation president appeared at the casino wearing a Sabres jersey with number 21 on it. Armstrong also suggested what was in the immediate future for sports betting. He said more than likely the Niagara Falls Casino would have sports betting in the next week, as well as the casino in Salamanca, no exact dates were mentioned.

Schenectady, New York Had A Very Strong October & November For Sports Betting

About 276 miles from Buffalo in Schenectady, New York, there was also a strong showing for sports betting. The city with a population of 65,000 people had some impressive revenues at Rivers Casino and Resort.  In October there was a million dollars in sports wagers and saw a bit of a decline for November at $550,000. The casino in Schenectady started taking legalized sports bets in July 2019.

According to the New York Gaming Commission, the sports betting accounted for about 3% of all revenue for the Rivers Casino. John Riccardi of West Seneca, New York heard about the opening of sports betting on the radio. Since he had the day off, he decided to stop by and place a $20 bet on the Bills to win. He said, ‘This is pretty cool and very exciting for our city and state.’ Riccardi like many other residents of the area added, “I’m all for sports betting and the profits from it, staying here in our area, where it can benefit us.’

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