A judge in Providence, RI ruled that a lawsuit that would place a ban on legalized sports betting in Rhode Island has merit and can go on. Daniel Harrop who once ran for the office of Providence Mayor has filed a lawsuit. Earlier this week, a judge said that Harrop’s has some legally sound claims that he is alleging and his lawsuit can move forward through the court system. Part of Harrop’s claims are that sports betting that is now legal in Rhode Island was not approved by the voters. Harrop says that certain types of sports betting now allowed require approval from voters. Harrop specially says that the casino Twin River should not be allowed to have sports betting, and there should be no sports betting online.

Governor Gina Raimondo’s position on the matter is that voters did approve gambling on table games. Raimondo has tried through her legal team, to get the suit thrown out due to Harrop having no standing to bring such a suit. In September Judge Brian Stern sided with the governor’s office, and dismissed the lawsuit, by stating that Harrop had no legal standing. Harrop filed an appeal and said that he failed to disclose that he lost money on a Patriots game. His lawsuit was corrected to list the Patriots bet as a loss, thereby giving him standing to sue. The amount that Harrop lost on the Patriots bet, is  not stated on the legal filing.

Chief Justice Earl Warren, ruled that due to Harrop’s loss on sports betting, his lawsuit does have merit and can move forward. Constitutional law scholars have noted that due to Harrop’s lawsuit now moving forward, some claims about Raimondo will be revisited.

Some Of The Governor’s Detractors Says She Denied Votes A Say In Sports Betting

The initial legal issues raised in Harrop’s suit was that Governor Raimondo denied voters a chance to have a say in the legal sports betting issue. One of Harrop’s lawyers, Brandon Bell weighed in on the decision. He said, “Obviously we are pleased with the court’s decision and we are looking forward to finally having the opportunity to explain to the court that the General Assembly and Governor Raimondo violated the constitution.”

Bell is a former Chairman of the Rhode Island GOP. Rhode Island has a standing budget for 2019, for sports betting revenue which was estimated to be $22.7 million dollars. However, new data indicates that only $9.4 million will come in by next June. Governor Raimondo’s spokesman, Josh Block said that in several different legal experts confirmed that, sports betting has already been approved by the Rhode Island voters. Block said he’s confident that in the end, the rulings will favor Raimondo and the voters of Rhode Island. At this point, Block added, that’ a judge ruled that Harrop’s suit can move forward but the merits of his lawsuit have not yet been reviewed.’

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