Jay Kornegay, the Vice President of the Las Vegas-based Super Book announced on Monday that there would be a SuperBook coming to Colorado in the near future! Home of the famous SuperContest, many regards the Super Book as the most popular betting location in the country. In Las Vegas – the Westgate Super Bowl runs the SuperContest, which is widely regarded as the largest NFL Betting Contest in the country.

The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk Colorado is where the new SuperBook will be located. Black Hawk is just under an hour away from Denver, where many expect will be a worldwide hot bet for sports betting. Kornegay had this to say in regards to the new location:

“We believe The Lodge is a perfect fit for our initial expansion opportunities outside Las Vegas,” Kornegay said. “We have maintained the highest levels of technology and service in a highly regulated industry. We have written the playbook on sports betting in the United States, and now we will put it in action in Colorado.”

Despite all the stuff going on around the country, where nearly everything is shut down, Colorado still expects to approve legal sports betting and get started on May 1st. There may not be any sports to bet on, but legalizing it would be a massive step for the state.

The Colorado Division of Gaming Director Dan Hartman said this about the May 1st date:

“We have not really approached the launch date yet,” Hartman said. “We’re still moving everything forward as far a licensing and everything to make sure we reach that May 1 date and are able to go. Those discussions certainly will happen later on, probably in April as this COVID crisis moves forward and we see where the casino industry is at, at this time.”

We will keep you updated as more comes about from Colorado. Needless to say, we are excited for this news, and already are pumped for what’s to come in Denver and the surrounding areas! When this Social Distancing stuff is over – who is down for a road trip?

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