Freehold Raceway, the oldest track in the country is hoping to make up for lost time.

New Jersey has the top three most profitable sports betting markets in the country.

The historic horse track in Freehold Borough, New Jersey, is about to launch sports betting.

The racetrack has had a bumpy road leading up to their new offering. Freehold will be among one of nine tracks in ‘The Garden State’ to offer sports betting. The team that leads the sports betting operation at Freehold, has been ‘extremely anxious’ according to sources.

After the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 lifted a national ban on sports betting, New Jersey was the first successful state to launch sports betting. The market is extremely competitive in the state and across the country. Freehold according to sources is hoping to make a dent in the market. Officials at the track ‘are confident in their team, that they will be able to get right in there.’

Matt Cullen, the senior vice president of interactive gaming and sports for Parx Casino in Pennsylvania, said,

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It’s growing everyday and it’s in a great area. We’re really excited about it.”

Cullen and others connected to Freehold have said, that

COVID-19’ has played a role in delays.’

Freehold Offers In Person Sports Betting

For now, Freehold Raceway is open 7 days a week for players to place sports bets in person.

Raceway attendance is down according to race officials,

‘it’s not anywhere near the amounts of people coming down as they did before the pandemic.’

However, Freehold officials, ‘are very optimistic, because the terms of their sports betting license allows them to have three internet identities.’

These identities are called, ‘skins’, and are currently awaiting approval from the New Jersey Gaming regulators.

A Freehold source who wished to remain anonymous said,

“until we can launch online sports betting it’s going to be a very slow go. Most of the sportsbooks in the state that performing really well and the ones that have online access. Until we also have it, we can’t be competitive.”

According to data released by the New Jersey Gaming Commision, more than 90% of all sports bets made in New Jersey are done on mobile devices. The online accounts like many other states requires players to be physically in New Jersey when placing their sports bets.

Freehold’s Direct Competition is Monmouth

A Freehold sports betting source, said,

‘Freehold will be looking to pull many regular sports betting players from Monmouth Park Racetrack.’

Monmouth’ which is located in Oceanport, New Jersey, which is just about 17 miles from Freehold. Now that the summer has passed, Freehold officials said,

‘customers from Oceanport will be easier to obtain.’

Oceanport is much closer to the Jersey Shore, but with huge promotional events Freehold is planning, they are certain, that
they will be able to draw in some Oceanport players. Freehold is located very close to the Freehold Raceway Mall, with several huge anchor stores. Freehold sports betting officials are hoping to capitalize on the shopping season.

Hopefully says a source,

‘the mall will draw in holiday shoppers, and we can attract those shoppers with our promotional specials.’

The issue that is most concerning to the sports betting team is,

‘how many people will come out to the mall, during COVID-19. It’s far from over and in some pockets of the state, the cases are growing again.’

Freehold officials are counting on their promotional incentives to get sports betting players through the door, at least until their mobile licenses are approved. They are hoping it’s a very short window, until those licenses are approved.

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