Sports betting launched in Mississippi in August of 2018, and the revenue it brings to the state has steadily increased. According to gaming officials gambling in Mississippi, casinos is only expected to bring in about $5 million a year in tax revenue. The amount of gambling being done in casinos has dramatically decreased since the state introduced sports betting. It’s not all negative says gaming officials, They say in spite of the decline in gambling, the presence of casinos has stabilized gambling in the state.

Allen Godfrey, the Executive Director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission, said something people need to realize is that sports betting has been good for other types of gaming. He said as people come into casinos to place sports bets they play other games while there too. Godfrey said due to the /increased foot traffic that sports betting brings to casinos, people are there playing other games too. Most gaming officials in the state agree that even though gambling has stabilized there are ongoing issues with casinos on the River Banks near the Delta.

Mobile Sports Betting Has Been Approved But Has Not Officially Launched Yet

Gaming officials say that gambling in the River Banks of Mississippi at the Delta have been going through some issues. The amount of people visiting those casinos has dwindled in the last few years. Some gaming experts in the state stay the reason is due to competition in Oklahoma and Arkansas. The North Delta casinos are currently the largest gambling market in the state, so the numbers are concerning.

According to Allen Godfrey, he has recently held meetings with state legislators. He warned the lawmakers that as other states take different actions affecting gaming, that could have a serious impact on the casinos in the North Delta and other areas. Godfrey said that another market that is going through some negative changes as far as traffic is Tunica.

Sports Betting Advocates Are Hopeful That Mobile Betting Will Be Available In The Next Month

Although sports betting on mobile devices has been approved in Mississippi, it has not officially launched yet. Godfrey believes that it’s imperative that it launches soon, and he has been assured that it will be up and running before the summer. Godrey also indicated that they were hopeful that mobile sports betting capabilities would have launched before March Madness, but it’s very important for it to launch before the summer, and the tourists flock to the state. Tennessee is another state that has approved mobile sports betting, and it has yet to launch there.

Proponents of mobile sports betting are saying that it’s paramount to get it up and running quickly before states close by have it launch. Currently, residents and visitors to Mississippi have to travel to one of the casinos to place a sports bet. However, advocates for mobile sports betting said Monday they are certain it will launch before June.