For a while, it seemed as though the West Virginia casinos wouldn’t relaunch in time for the biggest sporting event of the year. Gaming officials in the state were able to pull it together in time for a big Sunday game in Miami, Florida. Two casinos Wheeling Island Hotel Casino and Racetrack in Wheeling and Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes had packed houses on Sunday. Over the weekend, the parent company of those two casinos said they would relaunch sports betting in time for betting on the Super Bowl.

International Game Technology (IGT) started taking bets on Saturday. Brian Knost a spokesman for Mardi Gras Casino said, “we have worked for months and months to get something that we feel is an exciting way for our guests to come in and place wagers on their favorite sporting events.” The sportsbook currently operating at the casinos can take bets on the Super Bowl, NBA games, college basketball, NASCAR racing, PGA tournaments, and other events and games.

A Never-Ending Amount Of Ongoing Related Issues Postponed The Relaunch

According to Knost, ‘the casinos were working diligently with West Virginia gaming officials, and once one issue was addressed, another popped up.’ There are some new features that were unveiled during the relaunch. One thing that is available this time around is customers being able to place bets at kiosks located throughout the newly built sports bars in the casinos.

These self serve kiosks are in addition to the standard teller windows. There are notices on the kiosks that alert customers, ‘that any bets that are over $1000 must be placed at the teller windows’, Knost explained that by doing this, it makes the lines at the teller windows much more manageable. The last thing we want Knost said, ‘is for customers to wait in long lines if it can be avoided.’  People seemed to be able to easily navigate the kiosks, place their bets and get a voucher. If they win, they can go to any ‘teller or cage and cash out’ Knost advised.

Sports Betting Came To A Halt In March Of 2019 Due To Contract Disputes & Other Issues

Sports betting had been halted at Delaware North Casinos in West Virginia in March 2019. The stated reason at the time of terminations was disputed between the casino and third-party vendors. The new provider IGT that the casinos partnered with is very reputable according to Knost. The president and general manager of the Wheeling Casino Kim Florence, said ‘the relaunch is due to a lot of hard work by a huge team that worked on all the issues.’

Florence said she and the staff and customers were ‘extremely excited to see sports betting back at the casinos.’ Florence said she is ‘very proud of the product they can now offer their customers at both of the casinos. Currently, a sports betting app to allow for online sports betting is in the works. Knost said, ‘it’s not up yet, but it will be very soon way before March Madness begins.’