Very positive news was announced this week for the NFL and sports betting. The NFL announced that it will seek sponsorship from sportsbooks. The sports betting providers will be located inside stadiums and sports betting lounges. According to new reporting from Yahoo Sports, sports betting lounges could start popping up for the 2020-2021 football season.

This is a major quest for the NFL who have been showing a strong interest in sports betting in the last 18 months. Chris Halpin the NFL Chief Strategy and Growth officer spoke to ESPN on Sunday. Halpin said that the sports betting lounges can only be located in the 14 states where sports betting is legal. Hapin added, “We’re allowing betting lounges. Similar to daily fantasy lounges today, in an adult discreet area, there will be a betting set up. But we’re not going to have betting windows.” NFL teams that are eligible can acquire their own sportsbook sponsor. Sportsbooks sponsors will be able to have their logos prominently displayed in stadiums, and across NFL platforms

This New Change In The NFL Came After Several Months Of Research & Meetings

The ‘Sports Betting Committee’ approved sports betting in NFL stadiums after a lot of meetings with NFL officials and sports betting providers. The NFL has already approved a partnership with casinos, but the sportsbooks are separate deal insiders say. According to the new report by Yahoo Sports, there are already seven regions that have an NFL team and sportsbooks sponsors, they say the rest will acquire sportsbooks this year.

The current states that have official sportsbooks sponsors are Colorado, Washington D.C., Tennessee, Nevada, Illinois New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Halpin spoke of this new NFL development, he said, “we feel good about sports betting has evolved state to state. We’re more and more excited about how sports betting is developing, and we’re now doing more in that space. We’re very positive about how it’s developing and moving forward.”

The First Official Sportsbook Sponsor Of The NFL Was ‘Caesars Entertainment’

The first official sportsbook sponsor of the NFL was Caesars Entertainment, who sealed a partnership in January of 2019. Back in 2019 is when the NFL was first permitted to accept advertising from fantasy sports operators and casinos. sportsbook sponsors. Stadiums were at that time able to offer their name rights to various sponsors. The first deal with a very lucrative one with Caesars Entertainment, that was worth in excess of $30 million dollars.

The deal enabled Caesars to promote their name and brand at stadiums and across NFL platforms, and at elite NFL games like the Super Bowl. This is a three year deal that encompasses several teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are in a partnership with Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Racetrack. The deal allows email marketing, signs appearing in stadiums and also involves special appearance events by past and current Eagle players.

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