There is still no Sports betting in Tennessee even though the  Legislature Passed Sports Betting On April 30, 2019….. Yet, here we are

Tennessee sports betting fans are asking questions because they want to be able to make wagers on sports games. The Tennessee legislature passed a sports betting bill into law last April. That bill paved the way for legalized sports betting to be up and running by July 1, 2019.

A special committee has been in place since last year in the state to fine-tune all the rules and regulations regarding sports betting.  A senior member of the committee, John Vallient Jr., ‘there have been a lot of specific rules that the committee can not agree on.’ Vallient says until everything is agreed to by all board members, the launch can not take place. The rules for sports betting to go forward were all included in the sports betting bill. The ‘Tennessee Lottery Corporation’ and the board with Vallient and seven other people are charged with the rules and regulations.

The Board That Is In Charge Of Sports Betting Still Needs One Other Person To Move Forward

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, appointed Valliant and Thomas Lee, Brian Fazenbaker, Samuel Lee, Kevin Carroll, Billy Orgel, Hanes Torbet and Kandance Stewart. Governor Lee still must appoint one more person, before the board can start making decisions. A representative with the Tennessee Lottery Commission said they met with the current board members on Tuesday. The purpose of the meeting was to go over some rules that have already been drafted by the board members.

However, nothing can be formalized by the Lottery Commission or the board members until a ninth person is appointed. One of the proposed rules included an 85% cap that would be on all winnings. That means less earrings for players, and some sports betting experts, say that will be an ongoing issue as other states come on board. Governor Lee sent the board and the lottery commission a letter telling them that the 85% cap, ‘was a very bad idea.’ The governor believes in order to be profitable they must be competitive with other states. Still No Sports Betting In Tennessee

Sports Betting Providers Were Hoping For A Launch In Time For Super Bowl Sunday

Governor Lee has recommended to the board and the Lottery Commission to take a much smaller percent out of the gate. Lee believes more people will play and the end result is more profit for the state. The Lottery Commission and the board, do not need the approval of the governor to set the rules. As long as there is a consensus between the two agencies that is sufficient.

Although the two groups do not need final approval from the governor, they are still trying to be in compliance with what Lee recommends. Lee is concerned that not only will potential players go to other states, but they will just place bets in the black market. Lee says if players seek other markets or play in the black market, the whole effort to get sports betting legal will not be fruitful. He urged the two groups to move cautiously ahead.

Still No Sports Betting in Tennessee

Everyone is in a flux in Tennessee as all want a piece of the pie and others also want only what they want. The art of compromise doesn’t seem to fit this situation. Now the best they can hope for is a bill is in place at all of the Volunteer State venues that get licensed in 2020 before baseball season begins. Each week a bill doesn’t get approved is a good chunk of money that is going to one of the other fourteen states that have legalize sports betting.